zippo cases
Zippo lighters are old worht Anything?

My Gran gave me an old Authentic Zippo lighter, its pretty old, and she gave me a little book and one case as well as the Zippo lighter comes in. The front plastic is the case, little is missing. The brighter it even works. Its Chrome, is located on the front a yellow circle outlined in a yellow triangle, the triangle is with stars. The circle (US. Naval Air STA.) On the top of the IT and (Jacksonville, FL) on the ground without Parentheses. The center of the circle has a pair of wings, a shield. and a mountain in the background. The bottom of the Zippo lighter says Fall (R) BRADFORD.PA. MADE IN USA, I too am living in England.

Try it on Ebay. Aspirin was a tub for $ 50, this could worth from 20

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