women's cigarette cases
Opinion on the cigarette companies?

This is a make-believe case jury is based on John Grisham's book "The Runaway, and even if you do not have the book read his right. A woman has man after smoking cigarettes for 30 years died of lung cancer. She has sued the cigarette companies for $ 1 billion. If the Juror perfect and all is well in your life, for example, no one in your family died because of cigarettes and had no bad experiences with them. If you are the only person in the jury and it was all up to you, what would you do? I am against the award of money to the widow, for a reason. The cigarette companies do not force you to smoke. You dont move the cigarette in his mouth. Nicotine is very, very addictive and smoking does cause lung cancer. The companies advertise very much and also for children, but in the end they dont have Forcing them to smoke. They try to persuade you, but dont force them. That's my opinion. Whats yours?

Personally, I have to agree with you. Smoking is a choice that we all make. Whether to publish them "statistics" or not, we all remember us that first train, if you caused the death cough, Dizziness and ill get your stomach, but we went right back and kept puffing until we werent sick more. I am also a smoker. My only vice that I last left off havent. If I ever reach the point in my life where I decide to stop, then, like other bad habits I broke, I want to make me smoke the and go "cold turkey" until I'm done with him. Respect to the action, I see that as nothing more than someone to jump on the moving train action. If my better half was run over by a car as if it were my Chevrolet sued to create a "Death Machine" right now. It simply does fly. In terms of jury duty I would do my best to try to absolutely make my position clear that the individual a choice in life to do something he felt was wrong for him. Since it wouldnt to class action or civil suit, we have a hung jury. We only need a majority, not unanimously. I would have to convince a jury, at least 6 more. Good luck and I hope you can find useful

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