witches amulets
I wonder if the stories of Halloween was only a book or a series.?

I bought TALES FROM HALLOWEEN: The Witch's Amulet, and I was just wondering, I would expect if, or more or that's it. is no help, it would be wonderful. Thank you. The author is Lucy Ruggles but if there is one series that I could be the time of different authors each. I have the book in the mail a few days ago and I read it and yes, it has the same characters. as a matter of fact, it takes place after the return in Halloweentown. and how the end was, it could be more books, but it does not officially say. I want to know if it will be.

I had no information about this book. Do you have the name of the author? This would help in finding more information, including if there are any sequels of the book. If you the name of the author add it to your question and I will be more than happy to search for more information about this book. Good luck to you! :-)

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