wiccan amulet
PLEASE HELP spells (it is ok I have nothing negative opinion's) witch Wicca Pagan's it?

Now I'm studying to me a charm 'm doing for a while and I know when creating the most powerful spells. The problem is, I just can not Get Down What do I need you, can you guy me To help a little. The spell will be cast on me I know think that it could be amended. What should I use Herb's. Do I need this amulet thing as it is. Walls are for use only finger (I like the finger better cause of the energy is stronger). Well, the spell can also wish me a spell, what is it, it will allocate from to take of energy. PS: I'm not feeling well say what it gonna be used for the

If we do not know what it will be used as you would expect, that we help you?

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