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what kind of case I have in Texas on statutory rape? When I consider the evidence?

ok im a 22 year old man was charged with child sexual Violence in Texas. The girl is really 16th I met her on Myspace, where she messaged me. I saw her profile and it says that shes 18. shes even got pictures of her Smoking on their profile. anyway after two weeks I met with them in a club that only allows 18 and up. I have witnesses that see it, if it is going. We leave the club and stop in a Food store where she buys her cigarettes with id. we come to my house and have sex. the cops get a tip from her residence and arrest me. Now this is, I … have first The girls will admit that she lied 2nd the 3rd ID Witnesses in the club fourth myspace profile indicating shes 18 with pictures of her, I know, the smoking age in Texas is not Defense, but Do you think I have a defense? honest answers please educated.

GO SEE A lawyer! I see all these legal issues here time.Most lawyers not a first for you you consult.If arrested a lawyer would be provided were free. What do they say? Who tells them you had sex?

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