It’s a sad truth for many eBay sellers.  We had placed an item up for sale, paid for the insertion fee, prepared our best for the beautiful listing and spend out time for this process.  Some days later, it was sold.  But the winning bidder did not pay for the item and even not response to your e-mails.  What should we do now?

Ultimately, if someone is determined not to pay for an auction that they’ve won, there’s little that you as a seller can do other than simply not ship them the item. As a new seller on eBay, at first, I did not any action on those types of sellers.  At first, because my end bids are only US$0.01 and there is no Final Value fee levied by eBay on me.  But if you sell a US$150.00 worth of item and if the buyer did not happened to pay?  The FVF for this item alone cost about US$6.56 and the insertion fee is around US$0.35.  In general, those reckless buyers hurt you in selling costs.

One key weakness of those habits of the buyers is due to the time delay between bidding and payment.  A listing generally lasts about 7 days.  Someone might want your item seven days ago but now they have changed their mind and do not wish to have it anymore. Since 2008, eBay did not allow sellers to place negative Feedback over those buyers anymore, most sellers felt helpless. But there are a few nudges that you can apply to buyers to encourage them to come through before you give up and re-list.

Send an invoice. eBay has provided tools to send winning bidders an invoice stating the winning bid amount, the shipping cost, and any additional charges for which they are responsible before shipment can occur. To use this functionality, visit “My eBay” page and check all listings under the “Sold” Tab, under “All Selling” header. Then, find the auction in question and select “Send Invoice” from the drop-down list next to it.

Send them an email message. If the buyer doesn’t respond to the invoice in a timely manner, (normally 3 days) send them a personal email message (their address will appear in the confirmation email that you received from eBay at auction end). Explain that they’ve won the auction, that by placing a bid they entered into a binding contract and that they are now responsible for making the payment that they promised to make. You can add a “Pay Now” button at the end of your e-mail also.

File a Buyer Non-Payment dispute with eBay. If the buyer did not response any 7 days after the bidding ends, seller can open a Buyer Non-Payment Dispute to eBay.  On “My eBay “page under “short cut” left hand header there is a tab called “Resolution Center”. Click this tab and you will reach to the Resolution Center page.  As a seller, you can open a case by selecting “I haven’t received my payment yet”, and then you have to add the item number and write your statement. When you eBay notifies the buyer directly that they are responsible for paying the winning bid amount plus any additional fees like shipping or insurance. If the buyer ultimately fails to respond or pay, your final value fees will be credited back to your account and the buyer will be warned. Buyers that are repeatedly warned about nonpayment for won auctions will be penalized by eBay.

Request for cancellation of a transaction with eBay. If a buyer response to your e-mail but incline to pay for the item stating that they have no interest in buying your item anymore, you can cancel your transaction. On “My eBay “ page under short cut left hand header there is a tab called Resolution Center. Click this tab and you will reach to the Resolution Center page.  As a seller, you can open a case by selecting “I want to cancel a transaction”, and then you have to add the item number and write your statement. When you eBay notifies the buyer that a seller request for cancellation of a transaction and request for buyer’s agreement.  Upon buyer’s agreement, the transaction is cancelled and the eBay will credited back the FVF to the seller.  Under this case the buyer is not penalized.

Send a second-chance offer to another bidder. If you are so inclined, you can use the “My eBay” page to send a second-chance offer to another bidder on your auction. The offer, sent through eBay, gives them the chance to buy the item at their highest bid and gives you the chance to move an item for which the top bidder didn’t come through.

Re-list or sell with a Fixed type Listing. Actually the fixed type listings appear together with all Auctions.  The difference is the buyer can have it now immediately without having to wait till the listing ends and at the same time the seller receives buyer’s money immediately.  This Fixed type listing also eliminates the changing mind habit of buyer who waits for seven days and finally decided they do not wish to have the item anymore.  The Fixed type listing is US$0.35 for all starting values under US$25.00 and the duration can be 30 days.  During this period, a seller can sell any amount of items to any buyer at any time.  It is the most cost efficient and buyer non-payment safe method of selling available on eBay.