“Whatever you can conceive and believe you can achieve.”  Almost every one knows and acknowledges this philosophy for wealth and success. But very few of us could really complete ALL three steps and reached the level of success we desired for. Most of us do not know or having any clue “to believe successfully”

 In my first article, I mentioned our expectation as the one who level our beliefs on our big dreams. Since our expectation set the level in out mind, only way we could increase our belief accordingly is to find ways to set this level up.

 Since expectation is based on actual facts of current time, only way we could increase our level of expectation is to utilize our current moment of time effectively.  There is no way we could fool ourselves and change our expectation by pretending or visualization that something is already in our hand while in reality, there is not yet. Our expectation works on fact not fiction.

 If we could use our current moment of time, to be positive, efficient and productive, our daily expectation increases accordingly.  Our belief would grow together with our expectation.

 We have to see our bare facts of this moment.  If we do not have knowledge or experience, to get what we are longing for, we have to find it, read it and digest it or work our way to gain it.  Our daily acts of filling up our finance and knowledge gradually lift our confidence. Higher confidence leads us for higher expectations and successful belief.

 Since our expectation is firmly logical and fact, we cannot visualize it up. We must have a rigid working plan that really have the output form our hands under daily basis.  We have to write down on a piece of paper, what is our immediate problems, how to lessen them, what could be done today.  Write down the things that we could immediately work out.

 Under the daily actions needed to increase our financial status, there must be a workable plan to gain money, either by finding wages as getting employed, sell something off.  Then how to effectively save what we have in our hands.  Setting up thrift habits, never spend for anything without priority and necessary.

 Under the daily actions needed to increase our knowledge and experience, set the time every day to find more information and knowledge from internet.  Finding articles on self-help and wealth.  Find technical knowledge, find more information of the market and promotion, and get employed under companies in the business that we are dreaming. We really need actions to do today to achieve our goal.

 The real actions that we could carry out now may be too small or too low than our dreamed desire, but those all are little steps that lead to the top of the mountain.  We must not look them down; rather we must have the attitude of the mountain climber, starting his first steps at the bottom of the mountain.

 Every evening, we have to remember ever small actions and achievements that we have achieve today.  As we review, we must have a sense of happiness and achievement over the small actions of the day.  Realize ourselves that concurring the great mountain requires simple small steps first. 

 Repeat yourself every day “Today’s achievements and actions are the stepping stones for tomorrow. Day by day in every way I am DOING Better and Better”.

 Our expectation increases gradually over our firm mental acknowledgement of having things done and having output according in daily basis. Our expectation judge our mind, we have to produce our output to increase its level. We have to provide facts of actual work output; we cannot alibi with dreams and visualizations.


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