On December 2003, I was informed by Eric and Jerome that they are breaking apart.  Jerome decided to break away form Eric. As Eric is the owner of the eBay seller account and would continue selling, he asked me whether I could help with his business.  When they were together, they rent a space in the middle of Bangkok for operation.  But now as Eric was alone he wished to move out to save some cost.

 Most of the items sold by Eric are traditional and tribal handicrafts; they come form the border area between Thailand and Burma.  Eric decided to move to Mae-Sai the famous town at the Golden Triangle.  He asked me could I join him there.  I asked my husband, could I go to Mae-Sai to help and work for Eric for about 2 months?  He agreed.  So on 20th Dec 2003, we put all the belongings and items on a car and drive to Mae-Sai.  It is about 780 Kilometer drive from Bangkok.

 We rented a three story house in Mae-Sai and got the internet connected.  Then we just crossed border to Burma and source our products.  The pictures were taken and we list in the evening.  Mae-Sai is a cool and quiet border town.  In the evening before 5 PM, we rushed to ship our packs via Thailand Post provincial office.  The postal rates are the same as Bangkok. 

 Now I am in every operation of eBay selling from A to Z.  I gained much experience working with Eric.  I could see his sense for finding correct items to be sold on eBay. Only problem is Eric was not looking at me for partner ship. He just planned to employ me.  The problem with Eric is; he is spending most of his available money on sourcing of items to sell and rarely have extra money left to pay for me.  My very low salary was given in 50% and 20% and so forth.

 So I decided that I would make this two month helping Eric as my best learning period and I will start my own business by becoming an independent eBay seller.  When I review myself before going to bed, I considered for the un-noticed mental behaviors of mine that might be blocking Abundance form my life.

 The three Hurdles

We had been trying to attract more abundance into our lives but have made little progress; we should consider the following causes:

Feeling Overwhelmed

The bigger a dream is, the more likely it is to overwhelm us – sometimes to the point that we don’t do anything anymore because we don’t know if we’ll be able to finish what we started. However, if we can push ourselves to take just one step forward, we usually realize that it wasn’t as difficult as we feared it would be. Our confidence begins to grow as we begin to take another step, and then another.

The first step is usually the hardest, but if we refused to be held back by fear or doubt we could make the entire journey smoother and much more enjoyable.

Losing Motivation

Are our financial goals big enough to keep us feeling motivated? Many times we set smaller goals because we believe they are all that can handle. But those smaller goals are rarely exciting enough to ignite continuous passion and determination. As a result, we take little pleasure from achieving these goals – or even give up on them because they couldn’t hold our interest through to the end.

Rather than settling for what we thought we could achieve, we should learn to expand our mind. A good way to start is by asking ourselves, “What is the biggest vision I can conceive for my financial future?” then writing it down in full detail. Doing this automatically inspires our subconscious mind to begin formulating a plan for the fulfillment of vision – often in surprising and wonderful ways.

Not Having a Higher Purpose

When in the midst of financial struggle it is natural to think that the obvious solution is the acquisition of more money. We focus intently on the actions we can take to earn more money or attract better opportunities, all the while forgetting that there is another better way.

Observing some of the wealthiest people on the planet, we could see that many of them obtained their wealth by focusing not on how to increase their bottom line but on what they could offer to others. They tapped into their creativity, conceived a purpose to direct their actions, then contributed as much value to society as they could – and wealth was automatically drawn to them. From these examples we could learn that wealth is more meaningful when it is the result of fulfilling an inner and selfless purpose.

I sum up and decided to change my mind to cope with the three hurdles:

 I affirm my self many times, “Day by day I am getting more knowledge and experience in online-selling techniques by helping Eric.  Helping others first will eventually pave my way to online success.”