The meanings are extracted from “The Dzi beads Handbook”

This Post is the final of a total of 6 Posts on The Meaning of Symbols on Dzi Beads.   Many people look for the meanings of the number of “eyes” on a Dzi stone when collecting. But there are also many Dzi stones that have symbols or images on them too. These are also attributed with special focused abilities. Here are a few….

Universe, Sun, Moon, Star Dzi Bead: Celestial object of the sun, moon, star possess universal mystic power. This Dzi bead is seen as the embodiment of the entire universal life force. This Dzi can help to anchor the universal life force for the owner of this bead. The bead assists in teaching the owner how to use and apply the universal life force in their life. Represents impartial, candid, open hearted, doing what is most appropriate, ordained in nature.

Wave Dzi Bead: The wave Dzi bead resembles the tiger’s teeth. The wave beads however are not as deep and more reminiscent of waves of water. The wave bead often has two waves separated by a straight line. The wave Dzi bead assists with all forms of emotions. It can assist with releasing and understanding emotions that lessen one’s quality of life. This Dzi can assist to help to uncover the emotional blockages around any given topic. Helps one understand and overcome emotional outbreaks, moodiness and some depression. Almost every aspect of the human experience is governed by emotions. This Dzi can assist its owner in sorting out and understanding emotions from the past, present and future. Repressed emotions sabotage and block many of the things humans want in their lives including abundance. The wave Dzi bead will assist in evolving emotions into feelings. It will also assist one in understanding those feelings. The wave Dzi is also seen as a Dzi bead of the wealth god. This Dzi can assist the owner in bringing in and obtaining fortunes. This Dzi is a symbol Of Wealth, as it brings A Constant Stream Of Wealth & Good Fortune, Gives One Energy & Confidence To Overcome All Obstacles, and Symbolizes Will Powers & Strength & Acts As A Protector. The wave Dzi works to heal the emotions the owner holds and has around wealth, thus freeing the owner to obtain the wealth they desire. Water is a representation of wealth, and is an association given primarily out of oriental beliefs. Especially in feng shui, the placement of water in a household, whether in an advantageous or disadvantageous position, is determinate of the wealth luck of its occupants. Flowing water is viewed as a limitless source of incoming wealth and assets, and are especially auspicious.
elements which exist in the Dzi mineral. After long term exposure to the atmosphere, these iron elements turn into ‘rust’ or Ferric Oxide (Fe2O3). They are naturally developed inside out through the pores in the Dzi mineral. They range from light brown to dark red in color.
The cinnabar spots can be detected easily with the aid of a 10X magnifying glass. A few cinnabar spots on the Dzi beads can be seen with the naked eyes, but this is usually rare. The cinnabar spots are natural, not artificial. Artificial man-made cinnabar spots can be detected by simply flaying the dzi’s

This Post is the final of a total of 6 Posts on The Meaning of Symbols on Dzi Beads.