The meanings are extracted from “The Dzi beads Handbook”

Many people look for the meanings of the number of “eyes” on a Dzi stone when collecting. But there are also many Dzi stones that have symbols or images on them too. These are also attributed with special focused abilities. Here are a few….

Striped Dzi Bead-Single: Usually one stripe or band = healing abilities. Not the same as medicine Buddhas, they are sometimes confused with or called Medicine Buddhas. The healing offered will be on all parts of the owners mind, and focus. The one stripe also requires the focus of the owners mind in order to create the healing that is to be done. In this way it teaches the owner the proper focuses for health and then wealth. Single striped Dzi symbolizes a life of comfort and the fulfillment of all wishes. It has the ability to turn adverse situations into auspicious ones. Read also “Striped Dzi Bead”.

Star Dzi Bead: May appear as a five point star or simply a filled in dot. Is the symbol of the natural law of the universe, and accumulates your good virtue. Check also under universe if the bead also contains sun and moon.

Swastika Dzi Bead: Represents the Law and all aspects of the law. This bead assists one in learning how to speak universal law. Helps protect the owner from law and legal proceedings. This Dzi can help with assisting the proceedings to benefit the owner or to go easier on the owner of this bead. If the owner is in tune with this Dzi it can help to protect the owner from being in the wrong place at the wrong time. This Dzi can assist the owner in ways such as to prevent situations that might require the law or legal assistance. Good Fortune, Family Bliss, Longevity, Wish Fulfilling, Good Luck Peace and health. The symbol of Buddha’s light shining from all angles. This Dzi has close relations to the roots of Buddhism. It is a symbol of esoteric Buddhism. As such, it was placed over the heart of the Buddha, stamped on the breasts of departed initiates and planted wherever Buddhists have left their mark. It is regarded as the symbol of esoteric Buddhism and the mark of a perfectly evolved being whose soul (or spirit) has entered Nirvana or liberation from the world of matter. Due to the religious nature of this particular Dzi bead, it is particularly beneficial to an individual whose heart is pure and does not show excess greed through hankering after the material things of life. The Swastika symbol has been used for thousands of years already in almost all human civilizations as a sign for good luck, protection, as a materialization of life and the changing seasons of the year. It is believed that this Dzi bead will bring happiness, wealth and prosperity to its owner.

Tasso Dzi Bead: Tasso translates as Horse Tooth. Tasso is a notation that you may come across as a collector. Tasso beads are some of the oldest of the etched Dzi beads, many times coming from the time period of 500 BC to 500 AD. The Tibetans called these particular beads Tasso teeth meaning Windhorse. Not all beads from this time period are Tasso beads. The Tibetans believed these markings as well as the shape of some beads to be the teeth of horses. Tibetans regard the Windhorse as a sacred symbol for overcoming obstacles. Around 500 AD some dealers began calling these markings tiger teeth, feeling that while the Windhorse was strong the tiger was stronger. The term tiger tooth stuck and now the markings are referred to as the tigers tooth or teeth. Many dealers felt like the term tiger teeth was more appropriate because the markings look like tiger stripes and they saw no resemblance to either the horse or the Windhorse. Most true collectors of Dzi beads still refer to the Dzi beads of this particular time period as Tasso Dzi beads. A good Tasso bead because of its age can be extremely hard to find. Most Dzi bead collectors may never even see one or two during their entire collecting years. These beads should be considered extremely scarce, rare and expensive if in very good condition.

Thread Dzi Bead: (3 or more threads) generally are Dzi beads of multiple fortunes. Wave beads that have two or more waves are also considered to be multiple fortunes.

Thread Dzi Bead: The thread bead has a thin line around the center of the bead. The thread is much smaller than the stripe. The thread will be an opposite color from the body of the bead. The most common of the thread beads are the medicine Buddhas. The stripe beads will often use threads of white to separate the stripes into bands. This causes a lot of confusion between the thread, stripe and banded beads. When the Dzi bead contains three or more bands separated by white threads they are considered career beads. The stripe and banded beads that are separated by threads of white against a darker background are generally believed to be an emblem for your mind’s focus and mental strength in your undertakings. This type of Dzi bead is believed to steady your ship and enhance career development. This bead will assist its owner in making strides forward in their career development, as well as gaining the fame and other mental necessities required to have a good career. The bead will assist in helping its owner with career promotion and the financial gain that goes with such promotion. Threads of white occurring one on each end are indicating a stable career with smooth promotion. This bead is probably the strongest of the career beads. Its entire focus is career and is not shared with other focuses. This bead is scarce and hard to find.

Tiger Teeth Dzi Bead: Tigers teeth on a bead will almost look like a wave pattern. The waves will be deeper and more pointed or chiseled than the wave pattern Dzi beads are. The tiger’s teeth can be combined with other patterns to intensify the designs. Tiger’s teeth Dzi beads can also come shaped like a tooth. The chalcedony has been carved and shaped like a tooth rather than the normal Dzi bead shape. Cultures a firm and persistent will, removes frustrations along the way, and guarantees for you a healthy life too. This Dzi bead can assist with follow through and “will-power.” Can help owner to “stick-to-it” till it’s finished. Assists in focusing on what’s important thus allowing for more free time for true relaxation, free of guilt and stress. Tiger teeth Dzi can assist the owner with concentration, determination, and completion. The tiger teeth Dzi bead is also revered as a spiritual object, capable of keeping away evil things and bodily protection. It is suitable for an individual who faces more obstacles and wants to draw strength in overcoming them. Symbol of Wealth, Brings a Constant Stream of Wealth & Good Fortune, Gives one Extra Energy & Confidence to Overcome All Obstacles, Pacify Demons, and Symbolizes Will Power & Bestows Good Health. It is believed that the tiger tooth bead is able to instill in its owner a sense of determination to achieve the goals that he has set for himself as well as the ability to overcome any obstacles that may impede his path. It will energize the wearer and attracts good luck and health. Tiger teeth represent toughness and strength, removes obstacles and achieves success. Prevents calamities, averting misfortune, prospering business, multiplying wealth and improving health.

Tiger Tooth Double Layers Dzi Bead: Multi-Band Designs with Two Layers of Tiger’s Tooth inscriptions, designed in a unique pattern. Doubles or magnifies the intensity of the Tiger Teeth Dzi bead. This Dzi help to Promote Spiritual Strength, Cleansing of Evil and Obstacles and Attraction of All Auspicious Signs for the Owner. This item is widely sought for its Spiritual properties. This item is believed to possess Six times the Spiritual Strength of the normal Tiger’s Tooth, due to the Multi-Band Designs. Also read Tiger Teeth Dzi bead.

Tonic Dzi Bead: A tonic bead can be any bead that has been used to make part of a potion, medicine or tonic. Some beads are so fantastic at doing what they do that other wants some of the power or energy of that bead. When a bead gains a reputation as working very well for its owner the bead will have a particular ceremony performed on it. In this ceremony usually a priest or doctor type will chip a tiny piece from the bead at the thread hole. This chip generally does not take away from the appearance of the bead. Often times tonic beads will cost many times more than a non-tonic bead of the same type. The tonic bead has been proven to work for its owner/owners. Make sure however that some one does not try to sell you a broken bead with a large portion of the bead broken off as a tonic bead. A broken bead is considered to be used up. Check broken Dzi beads to see if they are broken into the symbols. When the symbol is broken it is considered to be used up. If a piece of the bead is missing, but the symbols, eyes, lines, etc. are still in tact, the bead is still working.

Turtle Back Longevity Dzi Bead: Ensures longevity in good health. The turtle-back motif Dzi is for cultivating good health, leading to longevity and strengthening determination in work accomplishment. It renders protection from sickness caused by spirits & gives bodily protection. It is believed that the turtle back Dzi bead is able to protect the wearer from sickness and diseases. Furthermore, the bead is believed to be able to promote good health and speedy recovery from sickness.