How many of us are following the Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hills and The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles?  Do you realize that they are well over 100 years that those famous wealth creation theories were written and published? 

 I am not saying that the principles are wrong or not effective but our mankind has changed our behaviors over this 100 years period.  At that time the electricity was just invented by Edison.  There is nothing such as Radio or TV or not to say the great internet to bomber them and distract their attention.  At those times people set aside considerable personal times for themselves for reading and practicing of wealth philosophies.  In modern days, we are under constant blast of Medias: Radio, TV, internet and so on. The news and pictures of new products and innovations are blasting us everyday.  We spend our times longer in our offices and traffic jams, in reality, we rarely have any time left for us to read a book.

 About 100 years ago Napoleon Hills humbly requested his readers to write down their most important desire in a written form on a piece of paper.  At those times the papers are so precious items and people keep like treasure.  But modern day humans are under a flood of papers.  If you just write down your main desire on a piece of paper, the good possibility is that you might somehow lose it within 3 days.

 Now we are 10 years well passed the mark of 21st century.  We need to upgrade, update and personalize our ways and means to doing things to condition ourselves successfully for the path of wealth in this century.


The Right Choice we could make for our lives

 The Universe has given us the incredible Gift of Choice to allow us to freely and proudly walk this on earth. Our life is dominated by too much thinking. You are 100% free to choose which thought to give life to and energize it.  It is a big difference.

Take a moment and consider that. The Universe has given you the enormous gift of being able to choose which thoughts to give energy too. If you have a negative thought you can just ignore it! For the positive thoughts that lead you to the path of wealth and success, you must increase energy on them.

 Try and see that you can choose not to pay attention to “thoughts of feeling so lost”. Make sense, those thoughts are coming out of low moods and are truly are not real.

 The First four steps of implementing the wealth building behavior is: thought > feeling > actions > behavior. So if you choose not to give life to bad thoughts, you won’t have bad feelings and thus not behave in negative ways. And then the fourth and the most important state of achievement come: the vibration. If you don’t think, feel and behave negatively, you are having a Positive vibration. You will never attract the negative circumstances.

 By consciously choosing our intentions, thoughts, feelings and actions we can set our behavior which lift our internal energy and increase our vibration.  The result of shifted energy or increased vibration dramatically improves our life experience.

 When we are at the subtle energetic level, we are making the Law of Attraction to work. In effect, this Law says that “energetic vibrations tend to attract like vibrations.”  For instance, if you cultivate prosperity consciousness, you will tend to attract prosperous circumstances.

 The more strongly, positively, clearly and coherently you can maintain a particular vibration, the greater its’ organizing and attracting force.