Napoleon Hill’s fifteen principles of “Think and Grow Rich” started with “Having a definite burning desire.”  His most famous advice is “Whatever you can conceive and believe you can achieve.” Conceiving means you are having a definite burning desire.  It is so simple.

 But in reality, mankind or any living being are constantly under influx of many desires.  Desire comes in through our five sensory organs, the eye, nose, tongue, skin and mind.  In fact we are under millions of desires big and small coming across our conscious mind. Due to having too many, we tend to forget some after we conceive them.

 This is the reason why our most important desire must be a definite and burning one.  Less than that, one will sooner or later allow it to cease the fire and forget.  The key is having us to write it down on a paper and keep in a place where we might glance it frequently and never forget.

 In my experience, many of us are too shy to write it down on the paper and risk the chance of being read by other member of the family or friends and get laughed or ridiculed over our big ambition.  One way to find a way out of it is to have a picture, painting or an icon for our defined desire and hang it in our vicinity.  Only we know the meaning of this picture or icon.  The real important mental work we have to do is when ever we happened to glance at this icon or picture, we must remember our definite desire that we embedded secretly inside.

 The more effective way is to have a diary and write down our most important desire on the date that we conceive it.  The diary also allows us to write down all what we face and correct ourselves on the path to success. 

 All of us need a change from current situation to receive what we greatly desire for.  Change rarely comes to us in a form of revolution one swipe situation.  Rather it comes in daily bits that gradually build up on our habits and provided us an evolutional change.  Having the diary record our evolution keeps us in track.  It reduces time that we lost on the ever winding path before we gain our achievement and success.

 The definite desire that we have must keep on burning every single day through rain, snow or sun shine.  Before we could reach to the level of success that we desire, life always lead us through disappointment, sadness and lack.  What ever we face, we should acknowledge it as a temporary problem that could be corrected by time.

Firmly understand the law of being broke as follows; being low or out of funds may mean being broke.  Being broke represents a temporary situation only. Most of the most successful people in the world have entered this economic state at least once in their career. The secret knows that being broke is only temporary. Being broke represents a situation which can be changed with time and improved.

Being broken means one is no longer having hopes or dreams of recovery.  We must avoid ever letting ourselves bring us to an emotional state of being broken.  But we do sometime face this state of being broken when we face the uncorrectable fact of life like death of a loved one or a major financial crash.  However we could over come it in time.  Having a sense of everything being temporary allows us for a quicker recovery process from state of being broken.

As long as we could keep our dreams alive, we are never broken. Regardless of how hopeless something may seem at a moment in time, nothing should ever allow us to become broken.  Broken means we could not keep our desire to burn anymore.  The flames are gone and we have already dumped our desire.

Hope is the light on the candle of our life.  If we could still hope, we are keeping our desire alive and keep it burning.  To keep the flame of hope alive, we need persistence.  We have to do it again and again. Thus having our most definite desire written down or iconize it and read it or glance it every day again and again increase our hope for success and keep it burning for our path to final achievement.