A lot of people did not realize that our universe is abundant and all of us are gifted with the following three mind sets.   It allows us to have a choice over out lives, it allows us to gain wealth and happiness and it allows us to meet and overcome our challenges.  It is our birth right and anyone could use it.  It is not limited to some.  Only thing you need to know is the simple existence of each mind set and your dedication to use them in every day life.


Mind set for Right of Choice

 The Universe or the Higher Power has given us some incredible gifts to walk this on earth with. The first most important mind set is “right of choice“; it is truly awesome this Right is. It totally controls our reality.

Many of us want to know how to control our thinking; our life is dominated by too much thinking. Instead of boggle down in too many thoughts, you have the right of choice to emphasize and energize only the specific thoughts.  I encourage you to see that you can “choose” which thoughts to give life to! It is a big difference!

Take a moment and consider that. The Universe or the Higher Power has given you the enormous gift of being able to choose which thoughts to give energy too. If you have a negative thought you can just ignore it! The divine trinity is: thought, feeling, behavior. So if you choose not to give life to bad thoughts, you won’t have bad feelings and thus not behave in negative ways.

 If those three made a firm habit in your soul then the fourth piece comes into play: the vibration. If you don’t think, feel and behave negatively, you are having a Positive vibration. You will never attract the negative circumstances.

 Happiness is the result of a correct Choice.

Mind set for Wealth and Success

Universe is also ready to help you conceive the tangible things for you if you really desire and believe that you will really get it.  When you want something, hold the mental image of it with the most positive certainty that it is coming on its way to you.

 Never think of it or speak of it in any way than its being sure to arrive. Claim it as already yours.  If you fix upon your consciousness the fact that your desire for the possession of riches is one with the desire of the Supreme power for more complete expression, your faith becomes invincible.  Have a definite imagination of yourself in the state of wealth.

 Ask yourself three basic questions frequently everyday:

  • What am I grateful for right now?
  • What am I happy for right now?
  • What have I done well today?

 Have all your daily duties done under guidance of love and gratefulness.

 The more you seek something for which to be grateful, the more you’ll find.  The more you seek something that makes you happy, the more happiness you’ll attract, and the more you’ll find that you’re actually doing well; you’ll start to do more and do it well.  It becomes self-fulfilling prophecy.  Instead of rolling uphill, it rolls downhill.

 Try it for a month. You will start to notice personal changes in yourself.  In doing this is a doorway to actually have the universe working on your behalf instead of against you.


Mind set for incorporating the Challenge

Universe is secretly on your side if you are to meet and overcome a challenge.  Just define it, see it clearly, having a desire to overcome it and let the Universe delivers it’s force for you.

 Only thing you have to do is:  You go out and make a big bold promise that you’re confident that you can deliver a result to a challenge.   Write it down, declare it to your friends and family, write in on your web and let the world see it.

 At first you might not even know for certain that what will be the end results.  But you would never know that you can deliver on it until you give it a shot.  Affirm in your prayers that universe will pour its power behind you.

 By affirming yourself as the winner of the challenge every day will lead you to find many ways and solutions as insights to your thoughts every day.  By implanting your insights which is supplied by the universe to your working plan will eventually walk you the path of the winner of any challenge.