Every one of us has big dreams, and we all possess sound logical expectations.  Our confidence and belief stands between this two.  Our dreams are huge and the sky is the limit.  Our desires are strong.  But our expectations firmly stand on the ground.  Our belief is comfortable if the magnitude of our dream and our expectation are not so different.  But if they are so different in magnitude, belief is having big trouble; it could not build the necessary confidence and carry out any plan.  Doubts and fears troubled belief so much.

 However I face the other problems with my dreams. It gets expending.  Say you wrote down a big definite simple desire for financial income of US$1,000,000.00 about three months ago.  But today you might be finding that apart form the big dream of that written amount; you have been already dreamed and visualized about a 10 bedrooms mansion, swimming pool, many cars, and multiple businesses. 

 In addition to my disciplined visualization sessions, I was in the middle of day dreams on newer and more additional items that I might be enjoying when I finally become rich.  Those days dreams do not need any of my effort to make, they just visit my mind frequently and dwell on my mind at times I when free from my daily chores.   I called them the siblings to my main desire.  In my mind apart from my main desire there are plenty of friends and siblings.  I was having a bloated dream.

 But I can see my self clearly that there is a great conflict between the big guy the desire and the small guy the expectation.  Desire get inflated every day under the influence of greed, it could not limit by time.  In fact we are trying to allow ourselves to get them in our future.  But our honest expectation based on daily achievement did not accept this as a reasonable reality.  Expectation did not support our belief that we could be achieving and receiving all of them if the desire gets inflated everyday. Expectation calls me foolish to have such a bloated dream.

 How to tame our greed?  It is the most difficult task for all of us.  Despite religion calls for discarding our greed as path for spiritual success, hardly anyone could do it.

 One day I read a message “What you have become is more important than what you will get when you achieve your dream.” And “The real essence of wealth is the ability to give.”  A light bulb lit in my mind.  The state of mind we achieve over achieving wealth is more important than the wealth that we are trying to achieve.  To be really wealthy, we have to aim for the intangible wealth in our mind, not the tangible wealth outside.

 I realized that we could not free ourselves from influence of greed, if  we set our attention on tangible wealth.  We have to change our attention to our intangible wealth to get ourselves free from the influence of greed.

 To tame greed, I changed my visualization.  Instead of achieving a set amount of money to receive in three years period of time, I change it to I would be giving and donating that set amount of money in three years time.  It comprehend with the law of giving, it go along with amassing wealth and utilize it for the good of others.  In reality, if I could give away this amount, I might be gaining more than this amount in the three years time.  I tried to build my personality on wealth by changing from tangible goal to intangible goal.  After each visualization I could happiness over what I could do for others and happiness in the act of gift.

 Then I have to deal with the day dreams, the friends and siblings of my main desire.  Led by greed, day dreams popped up to our mind when ever we are idle from extensive daily chores.  They are automatic and spreading.  I just put the attention to my self that I could start those day dreams in any form and any way but in the final stage, there must be an act of gift included.  I could form desire for any item, but gradually must find someone whom I have gratitude for and give.

 Once I practice adding effort of giving to add my day dreams, most got busted.  They at first did not like or enjoy the act of giving away.  Somehow they got halted.  Mostly, at the ending part of my day dreams, I must put dedicated effort to dream also the giving part.  They were not light floating enjoyable ones anymore.  When they reach to the part of gift, all get grounded.

 I found myself having to mediating on love after the end of those daydreams.  Without spreading of love, there is no way I could lead my day dreams to finish at the act of gift.  Most of my day dreams started automatically and flow with time but the end part needs a bit of my effort.

 As my desire, visualizations and my day dreams changed to the goal of creation of intangible wealth rather than the tangible wealth, I have more cooperation and harmony with my daily expectation.  My little guy and my big guy are now average in size.  I start to have the comfortable belief for the great wealth.