About three months after starting my practice on philosophy of creation of wealth, I was in the stage of progress and happiness.  However I am still away from achieving my goal, however I could make many adjustments and minor changes on my path to wealth.

 Firstly, I could not “believe successfully”.  Then I found my expectations that logically and firmly trimming my beliefs.  To increase my expectations, I have to add work to my daily practices.  Daily achieving related actions as pat of my plan gradually provide harmony between my expectations and my dreams.

 Every one of us has big dreams, and we all possess sound logical expectations.  Our confidence and belief stands between this two.  Our dreams are huge and the sky is the limit.  Our desires are strong.  But our expectations firmly stand on the ground.  Our belief is comfortable if the magnitude of our dream and our expectation are not so different.  But if they are so different in magnitude, belief is having big trouble; it could not build the necessary confidence and carry out any plan.  Doubts and fears troubled belief so much.

 At first, I found myself lack of creativity to create wealth.  So I made efforts to increase my creativity by inducing for creative thoughts and having done creative actions.  Then I changed the way I visualize and make visualizations more disciplined and systematic.

 However I face the other problems with my dreams. It gets expending.  Say you wrote down a big definite simple desire for financial income of US$1,000,000.00 about three months ago.  But today you might be finding that apart form the big dream of that written amount, you have been already dreamed and visualized about a 10 bedrooms mansion, swimming pool, many cars, multiple businesses. 

 Three months ago, a single and simple guy might just wish to have a permanent relationship and getting married as his original desire and wish.  But after 3 months of creative visualizations much new things have been added to his desire.  Now he might be enjoying dreaming of sex life like James Bond with 5 girls on the single bed.

 With increased creativity and constant act of visualization, our dreams get added more details each time.  The boredom, the experience and greed inflate our dreams.  At first after I study the law of attraction, I welcomed the increased magnitude, reality and defines added to our original dream.  I just assumed that it would eventually attract more wealth.

 In reality, all living beings are under the constant influx of desire, since we get awake in the morning desire come in through our senses.  In this way we are introduced to new items and newer and better surroundings each and every day.  In addition to my disciplined visualization sessions, I was in the middle of day dreams on newer and more additional items that I might be enjoying when I finally become rich.  Those days dreams do not need any of my effort to make, they just visit my mind frequently and dwell on my mind at times I when free from my daily chores.   I called them the siblings to my main desire.  In my mind apart from my main desire there are plenty of friends and siblings.  I was having a bloated dream.

 Since there is an important wealth philosophy that we must not limit yourselves with negative thought  of not able to afford things we desire, I have changed my habits to accept those new things as things I would get and enjoy one day in future.  Everyday our dreams got boated to a magnitude. Time, experience and greed inflate our dream.

 One day I happened to view a YouTube video on 345 Gilded Rooms of the Grand Palace Mansion belong to Sultan of Brunei and his 1,000 cars.  My practical expectation did not allow my visualizations to change my dream home to increase rooms but I cannot help changing all furniture inside them.  Grand opulence is what I witnessed with my own eyes.  I could not prevent myself not to copy it.

 But I can see my self clearly that there is a great conflict between the big guy the desire and the small guy the expectation.  Desire get inflated every day under the influence of greed, it could not limit by time.  In fact we are trying to allow ourselves to get them in our future.  But our honest expectation based on daily achievement did not accept this as a reasonable reality.  Expectation did not support our belief that we could be achieving and receiving all of them if the desire gets inflated everyday. Expectation calls me foolish to have such a bloated dream.

 Now I could clearly see that greed led our desire to bloom like a full blown tree.  Our expectations sit at the ground on the root, it does not have any plan to move.  To tame greed influencing our desire, I start to read about greed. I could found is through the religious books. Religion clearly frowned upon greed.  No religion embraces greed as positive or having profound effects on our soul.  In Buddhism, the state of freeing one self from greed and desires is defined as true form of peace.  To achieve success, one is called to be selfless and free of greed.  Greed destroys mankind.

 We have to tame and control greed, if not it would destroy us.