Wat Bangnomko was built in Aryuttaya era, in that time people call “Wat Nomko” Nom(milk), Ko(cow), as many people around have cow-buffalo more than any other villages. During the war time when Aryuttaya lost to Burma, many of Burma’s troops visit here and take cow-buffalo to their army for food supply. Later on after war, people start to raising cow-buffalo again and call this temple Wat Bangnomko. ( Bang mean less )

Luangpor Parn in Yarn Chart

Luangpor Parn sit inside the middle of Yarn Chart

Story of Luangpor Parn

Luangpor Parn was born at 16 July 2418. He had 7 siblings.  His father and mother are ” Artj Suttawong” and” Aim Suttawong “. They are farmers. His parents named him “Parn”(red scar since birth) because he had this red scar on the whole little finger at his left hand. He was born at Moo.5 Tumbon Bangnomko,  Aumper Senar PhraNakhonSreeAyuttaya Province. When he was 21 years old, his father took him to visit Luangpu Krai, an abbot of Wat Bangnomko at that time he became a novice.

He studied the Buddha ceremony, how to become a monk and to learn how the tradition work. Novice Parn become a senior monk at 1st April 2438. Luangpor Soon is his Phra Auppatcha (To become a monk, Thai man need senior monk to do ceremony for him call “Phra Auppatcha”). After become a monk, Phra Parn had to follow Luangpor Soon around Thailand as he was interested in “Magic” and to heal others.

Hanuman-LP Parn Amulet

Buddha & Hanuman Amulet of LP Parn

Once Phra Parn received the way of Dhamma from Luangpor Soon, Luangpor Soon give him a book on how to become a monk to Phra Parn to read and order him to practice chanting katha (mantra), it also include katha of 4 elements “Na Ma Pa Ta” (Later on this katha become very famous for amulets collectors, as this kahta could wake the power inside the amulets).

Luangpor Soon told Phra Parn to chant this kahta forward and backward then chant until it could unlock a lock. Luangpor Soon said, when you can chant this katha to unlock this lock, come and tell me, then I will give you everything I know, everything, nothing left.  Phra Parn  agreed.  Luangpor Soon arranged a place for Phra Parn to stay at the Wat with him.  Later Phra Parn could chant Nark perfectly (Nark is katha to say when become a monk) also any chant many katha from Luangpor Soon’s book, he remembers all. And also chant “Na Ma Pa Ta” to unlock the lock too. ( Luangpor Parn said that for 1 month, the lock never unlock until the white ash from the candle he lit falls, all cover up and the lock became white. )

Chicken Model 1 Amulet by LP Parn

Buddha & Chicken (Model 1) Amulet by PL Parn

Later day, Phra Parn just relaxed his mind, after waking up and he tried again. “Na Ma Pa Ta“, the key just unlocked ! He tried once again and it was unlocked! So he locked it again then try, it just unlocked!  Later he did not need to chant anymore, only touched with his hand the lock just got unlocked.

To test again, he bough 30-40 locks, locked them all together and Phra Parn only touched them, they all get unlocked, even the Chinese made lock. Finally Phra Parn achieved success over unlocking the locks.  This is the way of Luangpor Soon on how to practice magical meditation. Luangpor Soon had the command of “Rith“(power), such miracle to happen need mindfulness and it is the most important.

Garuda Amulet by LP Parn

Buddha & Garuda Amulet by LP Parn

Luangpor Soon have taught Phra Parn how to “Vipassana Gummatarn” (way of meditation), All of his knowledge, he gave to Phra Parn.  Phra Parn is hardworking type, both with wisdom and mindfulness. He had success in every knowledge and practice that he had to learn.

Luangpor Soon taught him with mindfulness to complete everything. For example to fill the water with mindfulness,  he only had to sit inside the temple, but he could fill the water in a jar which is outside the temple building. He could make the rain fall, anywhere, anytime, how long, how much. He can make his body un touched by the rain. With “Rith”, anything is possible. He can walk on the water, or on the air. He can light up the dark, can burn any place. Be able the use the 4 elements in anything possible for good purpose. ( In old time Luangpor Soon was very famous in “Rith” magic, the technique of “Rith” is to use the power of elements. )

Luangpor Soon knew that Phra Parn had the interest to become a doctor, to heal people. He taught “As doctor, you can’t stop people from death, you only stop their pain and sorrow. Do remember that if people visit to ask you for help, you’ll have to check what happen to him. If you wonder, then make his body to a thin air, to have gap. Then pray in mind that the cause will show. Make your mind light and can see this cause clearly, where is happening and how to cure. This is called “TipayaJukkuyarn” (Divine eye or having special vision to solve problem)

Fish Amulet by LP Parn

Buddha & Fish Amulet by LP Parn

He taught to know about “Ar Gar Sarnun Jaryar Tana” which mean in this world have nothing, all will dissapear and empty even glass, tree, mountain, house and all life that are born. In the end, they’re just like air, empty image. If someplace don’t have a clear air, we can make it clear. Even wall, box, case, we can see though them all by “Argard Gasin“. Only with mindfulness and make them become an air that we can see though things inside by “Arlok Gasin“. Even inside your own body, your bone, your heart everything. (These all knowledge “Argard Gasin” “Arlok Gasin” “Tipaya Jukkuyarn” all this skill are from yarns practice, one could see ghost,spirit, god, phrom, hell people and everything.)

Luangpor Soon have taught all type of “Gasin” etc. to Phra Parn, and Phra Parn also learned them all. Only by his first Punsa (1 year),he could do it all, when he did things, he did it with seriousness and with his strong mindfulness.

Chicken Model2 by LP Parn

Buddha & Chicken (Model 2) by LP Parn

Once “Aork Punsa” (“Kao Punsa” it is time that monk will have to stay inside temple for 3 month, “Aork Punsa” is time when monk will have to travel for knowledge outside for 3 month. Luangpor Soon told Phra Parn to Tudong(monk’s journey) alone. In that time many monk alway tudong to visit Prajeenburee province which have the Bodhi Tree(the bodhi  tree under which the Buddha attained yarn then enlighten)

After tudong, Phra Parn have been study magic with many monk such as Phra Archan Jeen WatJaojet, Luangpor Pun WatPigoonSogun, Archan Jern WatSraket, Tarn Archan Jang, Luangpor Noi Suparnburee and many monks.

Bird Amulet by LP Parn

Buddha & Bird Amulet by LP Parn

After Phra Parn successfully learned magic and dharma for 3 years, he thought of his father, then he traveled back to Wat Bangnomko with all the knowledge he have gained. He used all these knowledge to help the villagers, to heal anyone with “Buddhakhun” and bless/chant water for drink etc. Later he became the chief abbot of Wat and became well known and famous as Luangpor Parn of Wat Bangnomko.  When Luangpor Parn passed away, he became a legend which his story and amulets are very famous among Thai people. Luangpor Parn’s amulets are blessed for wealth, fortune and success in life purpose.

The significance of the Amulets made by Luangpor Parn is he included a small cylinder of sacred elements produced under “Rith”  (Power) encased inside each Amulet.  The small cylinder of sacred materials are made by chanting  katha of 4 elements “Na Ma Pa Ta” on four basic elements of earth and dried in long cylinder form.  Then sacred elements are cut into small cylinders and encased inside each clay Amulet tablet and dried and baked to make the final Amulets. After baking, the materials from the internal cylinder ooze out at the top of the Amulets.  When people look for Luangpor Parn Amulets, they check for the existence of this sacred elements “Rith” cylinder inside.

LP Parn Amulet Back View

Back View of LP Parn Amulet - Sacred Elements cylinder inside

Top View of LP Parn Amulet

Top View of LP Parn Amulet - Sacred elements cylinder exposed

(This information is based on 100years book of Luangpor Parn )