small cigarette cases
What's something funny or unusual that happened to work at it?

I created images that contain parts, one from a man and he used a pack of Parliament Lights as an indication of how big (small, in this case) he was. When I called him, I did a good job, not to laugh. But if the woman after he asked me for Parliament Lights, I could not hold it no longer. I had to tell her why I thought her cigarette purchase was so funny.

Oh my God that was soo funny. I was picking up and moving a tree limb put on a trailer to haul off. When the branch caught my pants and ripped them from me almost immediately. A guy with whom I worked, told me, hey I can see your underwear. Lol Fortunately I had a pair of cover-alls in the truck.

E-8 84mm Disposable Cartomizer E-Cigarette