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Amulet Hamsa hand. Can I wear it?

My bf is Jewish. He brought me from Israel a Hamsa Hand amulet on a silver necklace. It is wonderful and I like it, but there is a problem – I was raised Christian. Not very religious but … But still. I do not know what he was about to buy this thing for me as Gift meant, but now I have somehow the feeling that I wear it, and I want to have. I do not want only the people think I am a Jew. What can I do? Faith the people that someone is a Jew when you see he / she has Amulet Hamsa hand? I think they do: (

Let me clarify that. You have a Jewish friend and You do not want people think you're a Jew. Why? What would happen if someone thought you were a Jew? If they said something, you could always tell them that They are not and why you wear it. Go ahead and wear it …

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