Shiva “Auspicious one” is a major Hindu god and one aspect of Hindu Trinity. He is also known as “Nataraja” - Lord of the Cosmic Dance - who dances the world into and out of existence. Shiva Nataraja is both destroyer and re-creator. In this Amulet, Lord Shiva illustrates a legend in which he subdued 10,000 non-believers by dancing on the demon of evil and ignorance. He dances in the flaming halo, which symbolizes cosmos. By beating on a drum with his right hand, he summons a new creation. His left foot symbolizes liberation, and the vertical eye of wisdom on his forehead, gives light to the world. He dances victoriously over the dead demon, the evil and ignorance.

Shiva the Cosmic Dancer

Shiva the Cosmic Dancer

Amulet Description

This Amulet is made of minted silver, encased in golden reliquary, water proof. People who value wisdom and opt for victory in life worship and wear Shiva to pass through all those obstacles of life to final victory.  Shiva is also known as Lord of Love and Procreation.  His Symbol became the linga, the male reproductive organ.

Shiva as Lakulisha, the bestower of wishes, Shiva is frequently depicted with penis erect.  Barren Hindu women with faith in His procreative power rub vermillion powder on his swollen phallus in the hope of becoming fertile.

Dimension 4.1 cm length  x  3.5 cm wide  x  0.5 cm thickness (Oval)
Weight 13.7 Gram
Material Minted silver
Reliquary 16K gold
The Energy

The Amulet for Victorious Winners!

Shiva is the bestower of wishes.  He is very wise and a third eye on his forehead is the symbol of great wisdom, it gives light to the world.  In this Cosmic dance of victory and Power, Shiva dances the world into and out of existence.

The image of Nataraja is also known as “dancing Shiva“. Nataraja is sometimes referred to as “the dancer of creation, lord of joy and sorrow.”

If you look closely at the Amulet, you will see that Nataraja stands upon a demon, which symbolizes triumphing victory over evil and spiritual ignorance.

This is the triumphing Victor’s Amulet which is in the belief of Hindu Mythology which flourish in Indus Valley civilization since  2,000 -3,000 years BC.


According to the tale in the “Vishnu Purana” a Hindu scripture, in which Brahma, the Lord of Creation, conceived a child of blue complexion.  When the new born baby began to cry, Brahma named him Rudra, “rud” means crying in Sanskrit.  As his son continued to weep, Brahma tried to pacify him by giving the infant other names which he might prefer, such as Shiva, Shankara, Pashupati and Shambu.  The name by which he became popularly known is Shiva.

As he grew to manhood, Shiva played various roles in the world to demonstrate man’s union with the Divine.  He is generally portrayed in four ways:

The Young Ascetic

The Cosmic Dancer

The Lord of Destruction

The Warathful Bhairab.

The Young Ascetic

As an ascetic, Shiva has overcame the joys and sorrows of this finite world.  Eternally youthful, he is of pale blue complexion, possessing a face so exquisitely beautiful that he appears both male and female.  His matted hair is worn in a massive topknot.

Atop his head is the crescent moon shining with the first radiance of creation.  In the center of his forehead is the third eye, the eye of wisdom, which destroys illusion and passion.   Across his forehead and on other parts of his body are the triple lines of ash reminding us of the three impurities: egotism, karma and illusion.

He carries a trident, representing the Hindu trinity of Brahma, the Creator, Vishnu, the Preserver; and Shiva the Destroyer.  In his other hand he plays a two sided finger drum, merging his masculine and feminine aspects.  His body is adorn with garlands and snakes, symbolizing his fearlessness and immortality.

The Cosmic Dancer

According to one legend, the wives of the great Rishis or Saints fell in love with the handsome young Shiva.  The Rishis were jealous and angry, so they sent a tiger to kill him.  Shiva tore off the tiger’s skin with his bare hands and used it as a meditation seat.

A snake was later send to poison him, but he subdued it and used the serpent as a necklace.  Finally, they send a terrifying demon to overpower him, but Shiva quickly vanquished the demon and dance his fearful dance of victory over the body of the demon.  When the 10,000 Saints, gods, celestial beings and demons saw his awesome dance of power, they realized his great supremacy and become his followers.

As Nataraja, the Lord of Dance, Shiva commands the order and movement of the entire universe.  He choreographs the drama played out on the earthly plane.  His movements create the diverse images of life, ever changing as he spins and whirls through time and space.  Shiva Nataraja is constantly subjecting us to joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain.  Ultimately he dominates all that lives, by dealing the hand of death.

Shiva Nataraj Amulet back side

Shiva Nataraj Amulet back side

In the Tandava dance of the victor over evil, Shiva Nataraja exhibits a fearful display of his cosmic energies, dancing in the circle of flames to the rhythm of universal motion.  Balanced on one foot, he stands of the demon of ignorance with the careless abandon of one transported by his own music.  His other foot is raised in the dancing pose, leading the way out of suffering.  Nataraja has four major arms: His left hand contains a ball of flames, fore-warning of the world’s destruction and beginning anew the process of creation.  His lower right hand is in the teaching pose, offering an end to eternal suffering through his grace.  Pointing downward, his left hand express the final release from ignorance.

In this image as Nararaja, the Cosmic Dance of victory, he also has ten minor hands on his mount.

The Destroyer

Shiva, the Lord of Destruction reigns over the dark forces of life and nature.  The name Shiva itself comes from root “sava”, meaning corpse, characterizing his identification with death.  The cycle of existence ever repeats the essential processes of birth, life and death; whose counterparts in the Hindu trinity are Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Preserver and Shiva the Destroyer.

As the great Destroyer, Shiva keeps the cycle of creation and destruction running its cosmic course.  Without him, the entire universe would cease to function, as creation can only rise from the ashes of destruction.  Shiva is the great liberator, destroying the suffering and sins of mankind.  He breaks down and dissolves all phenomena, releasing energy for further growth and transformation.  He is death but he is also life.

The Wrathful Bhairab

One of Lord Shiva’s countless manifestations is the terrifying god Bhairab.  When retribution is to be dealt out, Shiva calls on Bhairab to ensure that justice is done.

On one occasion Shiva wanted to punish Lord Brahma, who had been lusting after his own daughter.  Brahma was so obsessed with her that he had sprouted heads in the four directions so that he could watch her wherever she went.  Finally his daughter took refuge in the heavens, and when Brahma produced a fifth head to watch her there, Shiva was so angry that he created Bhairab and sent him to cut off Brahma’s fifth head.

As punishment for the sin of killing a Brahmin, Bhairab was forced to wander the universe in agonizing grief, carrying the skull of Brahma in one hand.   He was haunted by his crime until he cleansed himself of the horrible deed by bathing in a sacred pool of Varanasi.

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