Shiva Lord of Love and Procreation Gold Protection Attraction Amulet

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4.1 cm L x 3.5 cm W x 0.5 cm Thick


13.7 gram (0.5 oz)


22K gold coated brass


16K Gold, Round shape

Shiva “Auspicious one” is a major Hindu god and one aspect of Hindu Trinity. He is also known as “Nataraja” - Lord of the Cosmic Dance - who dances the world into and out of existence. Shiva Nataraja is both destroyer and re-creator. In this Amulet, Lord Shiva illustrates a legend in which he subdued 10,000 non-believers by dancing on the demon of evil and ignorance. He dances in the flaming halo, which symbolizes cosmos. By beating on a drum with his right hand, he summons a new creation. His left foot symbolizes liberation, and the vertical eye of wisdom on his forehead, gives light to the world. He dances victoriously over the dead demon, the evil and ignorance.

Read full story about “Shiva” in my Blog Posts for Personal Blessing of the Amulet before wearing.

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