Phra Soomgor Kamphen Phet Clay Tablet Benjapakee Collection Protection Amulet

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6.7 cm L x 5.3 cm W


68 gram


Baked Clay

Phra Kru (relic chamber or pit under pagoda) is an old amulet which ancient Thai people keep safe in the pagoda. The most famous Phra Kru is from Kamphaeng phet Province which is Phra Kamphaeng Soomgor. Phra Soomgor also one of the top five most famous amulets in Thailand called Benjapakee.

The great finding of Buddha amulets of Kamphaeng phet province, or the so called the “Millionaires Field” (Toong setthi) was tampered when the reverend Somdej Phra Puttajarn Toh Promarangsri of Wat Rakhang went up to visit his relatives in Kamphaeng phet in B.E.2392 (1849 A.D.) and he has read the stone inscription, the 3rd pillar, and knew that in Kamphaeng phet there was an ancient site and a big pagoda up north of Nakhon Choom City these were the findings of Wat Boromathat (The temple of a big pagoda), and the 3 Jaydees and also the Buddha amulets of the Kamphaeng phet King’s family with the Buddhist art as the uniqueness of their own.

Please read my blog Post “Phra Soomgor Amulet Kamphaeng phet“ to find out the details about the Phra Soomgor Amulets.

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