Luangpor Parn Protection Amulet Buddha with Chicken- spreading wing

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3 cm x 2.3 cm rectangle


10.4 gram


Baked Clay with sacred material cylinder encased inside Amulet

This is one of Luangpor Parn’s Amulets Buddha with spreading wing Chicken.  Chicken stands for hardworking and having plenty of food, suitable for farmers and merchants.

The sacred material cylinder cited with “Na Ma Pa Ta“  katha is encased inside the Amulet.

Please read the Article “Luangpor Parn of  Wat Barngnomko Ayutthaya” in my blog post to find out about Luangpor Parn and his Amulets.

Note: This is the reproduction model of Luangpor Parn’s Amulets for Amulet collector’s reference.  The genuine Luangpor Parn’s Amulets costs about Baht 500,000.00 to Baht one million in high end Amulet market of Thailand.

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