Khun Chang Attraction Protection Amulet for Gambling Wealth

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4.81 cm L x 3.2cm W


28 gram


Plaster coated with lacquer


Rectangle shape. Cotton threads covered with lacquer are used for reliquary according to 15 Century style.

Khun Chang is the direct competitor of the legendry Phra Khun Paen and also married to Wangthong, Khun Paen’s first wife. He is the rich Gambling Den owner. Chang means Elephant in Thai and Elephant is a symbol of wealth also.

Khun Chang is ugly and stupid, but rich and well-connected at the Ayutthaya court. He owns many gambling dens and some fresh markets in Ayutthaya.  In later Rattanakosin period when the poets made the story of Phra Khun Paen legendary, his image also became an amulet for wealth.

Please read the article “The Legend of Phra Khun Paen Amulets (14 Century Ayuthaya Era Thailand)” in my blog posts for Amulets to find the details about this Amulet.

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