Goddess Guan Yin Attraction Protection Amulet

$25.00 $12.00

Shipping Fee: US$ 3.00


3.75 cm L x 1.8 cm W x 0.42 cm Thick


6.8 gram (0.25 oz)


22K gold coated brass, mini statue, matt gold finish


16K Gold, Dome

Guan Yin is an extremely popular Goddess in Chinese folk belief and is worshiped in Chinese communities throughout East and South East Asia. Guan Yin is revered in the general Chinese population due to her unconditional love, compassion and mercy. She is generally regarded by many as the protector of women and children.

Goddess of Mercy, Luck and Fortune.
This Guan Yin Amulet will save you from many kinds of human suffering and bring you Luck and fortune. Good things will unexpectedly happen to you. It also makes you success in anything you hope for. It will bring wealth, Luck and Fortune to your life.

Please read full story of Guan Yin in my Blog Post for Personal Blessing of your Amulet.

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