Garuda & King Rama V Love Protection Attraction Amulet

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3.7 cm L x 3 cm W x 0.5 cm Thick


10.5 gram (0.39 oz)


Minted Silver Alloy


16K Gold

Garuda is the supreme Amulet for Love, Power and Sex as per the Hindu Myths, world’s oldest religion that is over 3500 years in age!

Garuda is the Mythical half human, half eagle semi-divine, super-powerful King of all Birds.  He is the younger brother of Arun, the dawn, the charioteer of the Sun God Suriya.

He is highly admired by the great divines for his bravery and love for his mother.  He is the vehicle of the great Hindu Divine God Vishnu (Narai).  The Lord of the sky has the right to stand on top of the Flag Pole of Lord Vishnu the supreme Divine God of universe.

King Chulalongkorn, Rama V, The Fifth King of the Chakri Dynasty, Thailand is one of the famous monarch in Thai history for modernizing the country. King Rama V was to become the country’s greatest patriarch, siring no less than 77 children (44 girls, 33 boys).

King Chulalongkorn took many wives and courtesans. Daughters of high-ranking officials were chosen, thus bestowing honor on the father and securing his political support. The resulting offspring were destined to become the future league of ministers and to this day, his grandchildren and great-grandchildren comprise the present nobility of the Kingdom.

Please read the Articles on Garuda and King Rama V in my Blog Posts to Bless your Amulet Personally before wearing.

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