Ganesh in Diamonds Protection Attraction Amulet for wealth

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2.9 cm L x 2.3 cm W x 0.42 cm Thick


5.2 gram (0.18 oz)


22K gold coated brass, matt finish. 24 (CZ) Diamonds


16K Gold, Oval shape

This Amulet is especially designed for wealthy women and girls (for achieving educational goals).  This is a very good gift item for your love ones or girl friend.  The 24 encircled diamonds (CZ) compliments the extra money and wealth effect. It also brings brightness.

Ganesh, the remover of obstacles, the elephant-headed son of Shiva and Parvati, is widely worshipped as the supreme god of wisdom(education), wealth, money and good fortune. Ganesh or Ganesha is one of the five prime Hindu deities (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and Durga being the other four)

This is a wonderful Ganesh Human-Elephant Amulet. Ganesh will bless and provides support for you especially toward your manifestation of financial abundance and to spiritually help protect you from losing what you have worked so hard for. Ganesh sweeps away obstacles in your way with his single trunk and clears the path for wealth and abundance at all levels both financially and spiritually.

Please read the full Story of “Ganesh” in my Blog Posts for Personal Blessing of your Amulet before wearing.

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