Fat Monk Saccakaparibajaka The Supreme Lord of Extreme Wealth Attraction Amulet

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5 cm L x 4.5 cm W x 4 cm Thick


59.6 gram


Plaster Coated with lacquer for water proofing

According to Gordon Luce, writing in his book “Old Pagan”, the Fat Monk image is a wide spread and ancient type of image frequently found in old relic chambers at such well known sites as Sriksetra, Rangoon, Pegu, Mandalay and Pagan of Burma and in ancient cities of Thailand such as Chaing Mai, Sukhothai and Mon based Hariphunchai.

Luce’s book “Old Pagan” contains pictures of ten different images of the Fat Monk together with an account concerning them.  The Fat monk is considered as the Pot –bellied Jambhala or Kubera, Lord of the Yakasa and as such the Supreme Lord of Extreme Wealth.  There is also the theory that the Fat Monk represented Gavampati, the patron saint of the Mons of lower Thailand as his images are found since 1-3 century in Mon based Hariphunchai.

In Thailand, Fat Monk is mentioned as Phra Sangkajai or Phra Sangkachai.

In Thailand, Fat Monk Saccaka or Phra Sangkajai is sometimes confused with Chinese Laughing Buddha Budai.

Please read the article “Fat Monk Saccakaparibajaka: The Supreme Lord of Extreme Wealth” in my Blog Posts for Amulets to find out about the Fat monk Saccka and Laughing Buddha Budai.

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