The Sun & Moon Dzi Bead Brown Agate

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Brown Semi Opaque Agate with light brown lines Sun and Moon


Drum Shape 3.39 cm L x 1.45 cm W, 9.5 Gram

  • Universe, Sun, Moon Dzi Bead: Celestial object of the sun, moon, possess universal mystic power. This Dzi bead is seen as the embodiment of the entire universal life force. This Dzi can help to anchor the universal life force for the owner of this bead. The bead assists in teaching the owner how to use and apply the universal life force in their life. Represents impartial, candid, open hearted, doing what is most appropriate, ordained in nature.


  • Suitable for anyone loving nature and universe.
  • Please read the Dzi related Articles in my Blog Post “Cleaning, Energizing and Caring Your Dzi Bead” for taking care of Dzi Bead in your possession.
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