The Diamond (Vajra: Thunder Bolt) Dzi Tablet Clear Brown Agate

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Clear Brown Non Opaque Agate with cream lines of Thunder Bolt.  The lines are formed inside the material.


Oval Shape 3.69 cm L x 2.26 cm W, 7.9 Gram Vertical Hole along the tablet

  • Diamond Dzi Bead: Represents the Dorje/Vajra. The Dorje/Vajra is a thunderbolt that destroys all kinds of ignorance, & is itself indestructible. It represents the male aspect in a ritual process. The wearer will face less hindrance in whatever he does & work can proceed smoothly with ease. Owner will be surrounded by positive vibrant energies. Just as each diamond must be found and then faceted to show its hidden beauty. The self also lays waiting with its many facets wanting to be discovered and revealed. The diamond bead assists in bringing to light all that is beautiful or dormant within the self. It allows the owner to live in a state of beauty and brilliance. The brilliance of the diamond shines on the wearer to illuminate and chase away that which is ugly, leaving only beauty to shine through. The bead with the diamond usually is found with another symbol on it. Read the description for the other symbology. The diamond bead is rare.
  • Please read the Dzi related Articles in my Blog Post “Cleaning, Energizing and Caring Your Dzi Bead” for taking care of Dzi Bead in your possession.
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