Buddha on Nine Layer throne Long Protection Attraction Amulet

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9.50 cm L x 3 cm W


42.9 gram


Plaster coated with lacquer for water proofing


Rectangle shape. Cotton threads covered with lacquer are used for reliquary according to 15 Century style.

The Nine Layered Throne refers to the following Pali scripts on the Nine virtues of Buddha. This Amulet is suitable for personal development, carrier advancement and promotions in the big organizations.

Buddhist devotees recite when they pay homage to the Buddha:-

“Itipi So Bhagava Araham Sammasambuddho Vijja-Carana-Sampanno Sugato Lokovidu Anuttaro Purisa Damma-Sarathi Sattha Deva-Manussanam Buddho Bhagavathi”.

Itipi So BhagavaSuch indeed is the great Buddha:

  • Araham – perfect and worthy of homage
  • Sammasambuddho – omniscient,
  • Vijjacaranasampannoendowed with clear vision and good conduct,
  • Sugatowell done, well spoken,
  • Lokoviduwise in the knowledge of the world,
  • Anuttaro Purisa-damma-sarathi – peerless trainer of the untameable ones,
  • Sattha-Deva-ManussanamTeacher of gods and men,
  • Buddhoenlightened and showing the path to Enlightenment,
  • Bhagavathi – Highly Blessed
  • Please read the article “The Nine Great Virtues of Buddha” in my blog post to find out the detail properties of each virtue.

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