Phra Singh Buddha Head Protection Amulet

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4.91 cm L x 1.72 cm W


47.1 gram


Brass statuette

The Phra Singh type refers to a distinctive group of seated Buddha images found in Northern Thailand of 14th century Lan Na Kingdom period.

The significant features of this Buddha head are:

  • The finial (emanating from the top of the Buddha’s head) is round or jewel shape.
  • The Cranial Protuberance or dome shaped mound on his head is conical or hemispherical in shape.
  • Large flat coils of hair curls.
  • No head band.
  • Round facial features.
  • The Ears with Elongated Ear Lobes
  • Three lines at the neck (neck line cut at the third line)

Please read the article “Phra Singh Buddha Head (CA. Mid 14th – Mid 16th Century)” in my blog posts for Amulets to find out the details of this amulet.

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