Northern Sukhothai Buddha Head Protection Amulet

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5.15 cm L x 1.56 cm W


40.3 gram


Brass statuette

Famous Northern Sukhothai style Buddha images were produced in the era of King Kue Na’s reign (1355 -1385).

The significant features of this Buddha head are:

  • The finial (emanating from the top of the Buddha’s head) is flame shape.
  • The Cranial Protuberance or dome shaped mound on his head is conical or hemispherical in shape.
  • Tightly curled coils of hair curls.
  • No head band and hair line dips in the middle of forehead.
  • Long and oval facial features.
  • The Ears with Elongated Ear Lobes
  • Three lines at the neck (neck line cut at the third line)

Please read the article “Northern Sukhothai Buddha Head (CA. Mid 13h Century)” in my blog posts for Amulets to find out the details of this amulet.

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