In Dec 2003, we went up to Mae-Sai to do selling on eBay based from there.  However, Eric was called by his father to come back home for Christmas and New Year. We left all our goods at the rented house in Mae-Sai and went down to Bangkok.  Eric went back to America. I took a break at home.

 I started to make a practical plan for my future. I have enough experience and have confidence.  But I have one major drawback.  I did not have a credit card at that time.  Since I left my work five years ago, I have returned my card.  My husband is very old fashioned and did not have a credit card.  Even though he hold a high paying job he did not rely himself on credit card.  Actually he hated and mistrusts them.  He manages his expenses in old fashion, count and uses his money dime by dime.  Since I was not employed, I was not eligible to apply for any credit card service.  Since he is employed and having high salary, I requested him to apply himself a credit card and provide me a dependent card.  My requests were flatly denied by him.  He has only stories of credit card frauds, high interest rates and annual fees by credit card companies.  In addition my intention for online application of credit card is frowned upon by him, due to possible exposure for scams.

 Only biggest hindrance I had to become a seller is to have a credit card.  And I did not get any support from my husband.  My only option is to continue helping Eric for very low salary. I sincerely did not wish to continue working for Eric as I am seeing it as waste of my time.

 I was having no choice.  Instead of letting myself down, I decided to take the help from the power of positive and time shift visualization for happiness and wealth.

The positive visualization

Many of us make the mistake of thinking that we must have everything we want before we can truly be happy, but there are so many things we can do to feel happy now! One of those things involves visualizing ourselves in happier circumstances. Visualization, when done right, can be a powerful and fun exercise that we actually look forward to each day.

Firstly I must get completely relaxed before I begin. Unfortunately, when I felt at all tense, irritated or worried, I won’t be able to complete the visual exercise because I was having a difficult time tuning into feelings of true happiness.

To get relaxed, I find a quiet spot where I won’t be disturbed. Normally, I lied down on my bed and have some soft light music.  Then I closed my eyes and begin relaxing my body.  I breathe slowly and deeply.  Then I imagine that each exhale took away my tensions in my body.

I tied to empty my mind during this relaxation period by setting aside all worries and scattered thoughts, and focus only on the sound of music and the feelings of my breath moving in and out. With each breath I became more and more relaxed.

When I felt very calm, I visualized myself that I was transported to another place and time. I kept my eyes closed so that current surroundings don’t interfere with my inner vision – and imagine how I want this new place to look. I imagined that I am sitting in my dream home built for my mother, or in a beautiful natural setting, the location doesn’t matter except that it is pleasing to me. I imagined that in this place I have everything I need. Plenty of wealth and abundance; vibrant well-being; loving relationships; everything I have ever desired is now mine.

As I tuned into the energy of this new place, I noticed that feelings of happiness are flooding gently through my body. I could even say the words, “I feel so very happy right now” and allow these feelings to flow through and around me. You felt I am floating on a cloud of peacefulness.

When in the medium of visualization and happiness, I said: “I deserve to feel this happy every day, and I allow the universe to help me manifest happy circumstances starting now.”

 I stay with these peaceful, happy feelings for as long as I want, generally about 15 minutes.  Then slowly come back to my present reality.

After that, I resumed my normal activities; I do my best to stay attuned to the feeling of happiness. I persistently find ways to feel happy with my present circumstances, even if they don’t yet resemble the fantasy I concocted during my visualization.

One day after about seven days of practice for visualization of happiness, I met my brother in law.  He came to visit us. He asked me what my current plans were.  Happily I told him of the experiences I gained by working for Eric and my plan to become a seller on eBay.  Then I mentioned that I must have a credit card and my husband was not supporting me.  He smiled and offered me to give a dependent card under his name.  This is the most unexpected help which came much unintended.  It made me to have faith in my visualization practices.  Even though I have never put him in my visualization for happiness and success, his help came as way to complete my overall mental picture.

In the evening, I took my little notebook and wrote down why I have deep gratitude for his help. And I will never forget this event.  I will always find a way to repay his debt on me.

Now as credit card is coming to me in a matter of weeks, I could start to have more definite plan to become the eBay seller.  Now I am not in situation for requiring months of visualizations to reach my dreams.