pocket ashtray
You could Parrot Head a …?

If you DVR Red Lobster commercials … if you call "shells" ashtrays or "soap dishes" … If your goldfish is an alcoholic … if you know how far you can throw a mullet … If you have a fight over fishing spot in a … when you cried on when getting Don Ho died … if you are high … If a boogeyboard to your son, "Jolly Mon" … if you have a squid in your pocket … If your refrigerator is empty and your cooler is full … if something pink on the money in the wallet / purse … if you ever paid rent with beer … if a frog living in your shower when Off parts of a call your body "Davey Jones' … if you understand that is a paper umbrella drink to a functional point … if you know how a … to use a If your outboard motor as a defibrillator installed outboard motor … If you rum smuggled into the theater for "Pirates of the Caribbean" … If you have Prison smuggled a Pina Colada, someone in … If your turtle has a tanning package

lol …

Two in one. Dripmat & pocket ashtray