Phra Kru (relic chamber or pit under pagoda) is an old amulet which ancient Thai people keep safe in the pagoda. The most famous Phra Kru is from Kamphaeng phet Province which is Phra Kamphaeng Soomgor. Phra Soomgor also one of the top five most famous amulets in Thailand called Benjapakee.

Kamphaeng phet have many great amulets, Phra Kru types: Phra Kamphaeng Soomgor, Phra Kamphaeng Metkanoon, Phra Kamphaeng Plujeen and Kru Toongsettee. In accordance with old traditions, people of Kamphaeng phet always give amulets to each other, to person they respect, to friends. King Rama V said “Gift from Kamphaeng phet Province always base on amulets”.

Phra Soomgor Kamphaeng Phet Amulet

Phra Soomgor Kamphaeng phet Amulet

Kamphaeng phet Province have an evidence in a stone inscription (Sirah Jarluek), History of this town said  Phrajao Phrom Aohroth Phrajao Pungkarath was born at B.E.1464. When he was 16 years old, he led an army and attack Khom (Cambodia) around Kamphaeng phet area, There was a long battle and time passed by until his son (Phra Jaochaisiri) lost to khom’s army. He had retreat to this area and built up the town call Kamphaeng phet (Diamond Walls).

The Legend of Phra Soomgor amulets said “There a king named “Phra Yarsree Dhuma Sokarath” want to expand Buddhist religion. He requested Phra Tath (Buddha’s ash/bone) from Sri Lanka and built 84000 Jaydee to keep. In that ceremony, the hermits made amulets for the King. These amulets were also kept in the Jaydee (pagoda) since then.

Legend said that in Pitsanulok Kamphaeng phet, Pichaisongkram, Pijit, Suparn. There were 11 Hermits (rorsee) and were 3 Hermits leading them. Rorsee Pilathai, Rorsee Tarfai, Rorsee Tarngua. One day all hermits planned to make a gift to Phra Yarsree Dhuma Sokarath. 3 Hermits said that we would need 1000 kinds of flowers, many herbs with power.  Once they have gathered the entire ingredients, they asked guardian spirits to mix them together with spell, then mix again with Nummon (Chanted water).

Once the amulets were completed, hermits said that “when you need its power. Pray and think of these hermits and the power of amulets will help you.

  1. Even how big is the danger, put the amulets on your head all danger will disappear.
  2. In case of war, use amulets to mix with “flower oil” put on the head then pray “It Thi Pi So Pa Gu Ra Thi” 3 or7 times, any swords, spears will not cut through your skin.
  3. Want to negotiate with people or need their respect; mix these amulets with honey 7 times.
  4. Want a good business, then pray with “Par Hoong” mantra then say “It Thi Pi So Pa Gu Ra Thi” 7 times.

In present Phra Soomgor amulets are famous for old Phra Kru (relic chamber) types, to bring wealth, health, protection and fortune. Phra Soomgor is the top 5 most famous and powerful amulets from Thailand. The amulets bless strong protection and wealth fortune.

Phra Soomgor Kamphaeng phet Amulet - Back

PHra Soomgor Kamphaeng phet Amulet - Back View

The great finding of Buddha amulets of Kamphaeng phet province, or the so called the “Millionaires Field” (Toong setthi) was tampered when the reverend Somdej Phra Puttajarn Toh Promarangsri of Wat Rakhang went up to visit his relatives in Kamphaeng phet in B.E.2392 (1849 A.D.) and he has read the stone inscription, the 3rd pillar, and knew that in Kamphaeng phet there was an ancient site and a big pagoda up north of Nakhon Choom City these were the findings of Wat Boromathat (The temple of a big pagoda), and the 3 Jaydees and also the Buddha amulets of the Kamphaeng phet King’s family with the Buddhist art as the uniqueness of their own.

The ancient inscription of Nakhonchoom (Chaingmai) city said that the city is abundant with ancient Buddha amulets collection. Accordingly, when the Jaydee of Wat Boromathat in which inscription was found was demolished, a huge number of amulets were found there. This was the source of amulets in the same family as the Amulets from the millionaire field of Kamphaeng phet, famous up to the present time. Phra Kamphaeng, the owner of the millionaire field said “If you have me, you will never get poor”,

Benjapakee Grand 5 Amulets

The set of Grand 5 Benjapalkee Amulets

In the view of marvelously beautiful art, the earth texture of Phra Soomgor Kamphaeng phet is second to none. The amulet has the texture of scared flower petals, and especially very soft. There are 5 print altogether. The important and most famous kru (relic chamber or pits under the pagoda) is Mahatarth from Wat Boromathat, Kru Jeydee Klangthung, Kru WatPikhun, Kru WatSunkaw, Kru Bansetthi, Kru Ruesi, Kru WatNoi, Kru Hauyang, KruKhlongPhrai etc.