As the Amulet dealer, the most frequent question I met is “Is your Amulet blessed?” if the answer is yes, the next question is “Who blessed your Amulet?”  It is customary like this because selling of non blessed amulets is not acceptable in Thai society.  It is a big question as the Amulet Buyer normally wishes his Amulet to be blessed by some very magical monk and suppose to be so powerful that it protects him from every form of problems and dangers.  Actually this is the very weak point of the Buyer that most Amulet sellers take advantage over.  The Amulets supposed to be blessed by some famous and magical monks are priced at thousands to millions of Thai Bath.  There are many fakes and re-products of the old masters in the market.   The amulet market is full of blind believers over great magical powers of the Amulet.

Meditating Buddha Amulet

Meditating Buddha Amulet

Since I source all my amulets direct from the manufacturer, I had to ask the same question to the manufacturer.  He wearingly smile and said “As a producer, I have to bless three times according to the ancient believes and tradition for Amulet craftsmen in Thailand.”  I was quite interested and asked him to explain more.  He explained that the first ceremony to bless was to done on all the raw materials that are planned for making Amulets.  When the manufacturer buys the raw materials, there might some which are sinful such as stolen brass being sold.  The first blessing ceremony is over the raw materials to cleanse all sins that might be attached.  Then at the first production of the new mold line, all the craftsmen and staff has to be blessed again by the monk and they have to pledge for obedience to five percepts of Buddhism, avoiding killing, stealing, lying, sexual misconduct and drinking alcohol.

Finally the finished products are blessed to announce the live in the images.   Only after this final step the images are considered as Amulets.  He said this is the tradition for every Amulet craftsmen in Thailand. He said, nobody buy the none blessed ones even the temples who ordered his craft and blessed personally again before distribution under their own channel.

Now in 21st century and as an Engineer, I personally could not believe in any magical power being stored in a lifeless material.  Magic is something you cannot see or feel and having any proof.  Though I have big interest in the Amulet’s iconology and craftsmanship, I do not believe in magical part.

My belief was changed one day about ten years ago.  I went to the meditation center in my home country, Myanmar.  There, I met this well learnt monk.  He taught us the practice of meditation.  He also distributes some amulets for his followers.

I asked him about blessing of the amulets.  He said, blessing is actually saying (praising) the properties and gratitude of the icon on the Amulet.  As a monk, he is well learnt of the property of the icon and he chant to declare about the property of the Amulet.  Then he distributes to the lay persons who might be lack of such property and somehow could be upgrade his own weak points.

I was amazed, and asked him again how come that the properties of the Amulet that he had blessed be stored in the Amulet and protect the wearer?  He smiled and said you are right; a lifeless Amulet cannot store anything that had been blessed over it.  It is the requirement of the Amulet wearer to know deeply the property of the icon on the Amulet and having deep desire to upgrade himself to increase the property for which he is lacking especially.

He said, who ever had blessed the amulet, it is not important than the final blessing of the Amulet wearer as he is the one who will tune this special property of the Amulet to his own conscious and subconscious mind.  Thus the final blessing of the wearer is the most important of all.

Shiva the Cosmic Dancer

Shiva the Cosmic Dancer

He said, before the Amulet owner wears his amulet, he personally has to bless the Amulet by praising again and again about the property of the image on the Amulet that he especially wants to upgrade himself.  This is called personal blessing.

I asked him what I should do if I distribute the Amulet to foreigners who knew very little about eastern religions.  He said the foreigner who wants to wear must at least find some books or any literature about the icon on the Amulet and read (aloud if possible) to the amulet so that the property would be reminded once he see his amulet.

My suggestion to bless your own amulet is to put your amulet on a suitable place near your computer and then search the web about icon on the Amulet.  I have written all history and property of icons on the Amulets that I sell on the internet in my blog Posts.  You can read my posts on each icon and if possible find further more in the internet for more knowledge of the icon. Then read the properties aloud till you could memories it.  This is the simple personal blessing in this internet age.

There are Buddhist Prayers and Hindu Mantras as MP3 downloads sell on the internet. Those are the praising of the icons of the Amulet.  They advertise that the praising are exactly the same as 2500 years ago Buddhist and Hindu traditions. But if you know nothing of Buddhist Pali language or Hindi language, you better not buy to play them.  Since you know nothing at all, those Mantras could not effect any on your conscious or subconscious mind.  Find the related history and literature in plain English or any language that you understand only.  If you want the Mantra, make sure they give you the English translation of the Mantra, if not there is no value in it.  Personal blessing is to introduce the great property of the icon on the Amulet to your conscious and subconscious mind You must understand it deeply and could memorize too.

Garuda Amulet for Love Power & Sex

Garuda Amulet for Love Power & Sex

My final advice is who ever had blessed the amulet is not as important as your own personal blessing, because you are the one who will introduce the great property of the Amulet to your conscious and subconscious mind.  The protection power of the Amulet is the result of your own conscious and subconscious mind being tuned to the property of the Amulet; “This is the real secret of the Magical Power.

Never buy an amulet for the name of a magical monk, the real magic is between you and your Amulet only. Never wear an Amulet that you do not know its meanings and properties, it can’t help you either.

After personally blessing your Amulet, you can wear it and believe confidently that you can upgrade and increase the property that you are now lacking by the guidance of the Amulet.  Please read the next post “How to tune yourself to the Powers of your Amulet”.

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