old cigarette cases
Should cigarette companies be liable for any diseases or smoking?

"Expert tEXPERT choking smokers do not think the joker laughs at you you. "John Lennon wrote in 1967. No one under 45 years can honestly say that they do not know when they started smoking dangerous, that was the smoking. I know, over time we have discovered that it causes not only lung cancer but also other types of cancer, but no one under 45 years can honestly say that they did not know Smoking is deadly when you started to smoke it. I know smoking is addictive and so I will not argue, although it also logical that the older people than 45 years, starting when they may not know might have to quit any time. But if you're 45 or under, you have case? If it is not like drinking a 12 pack of Sam Adams, then go and then the blame Jim Koch for your car crash? By the way I've actually met Jim Koch, he is a really nice, soft-spoken guy. He offered me a beer, but I had my children to go home, so I refused.

No Man has free will to decide to eat, to smoke / drink / drive / / Shoot / etc, what they want. We are under no obligation to buy or consume such products, it should be a personal responsibility / liability. People need to Accountable for their own actions instead of trying to be blame others for their own stupidity / mistakes / decisions.

Only Fools and Horses – Cigarette Case