Up to the year 2003, I have never browsed on www.  One reason is the internet packages were too expensive in Thailand and I had no idea what could I do with it.  But one day in June 2003, a friend mentioned me about a thriving company with on line business on eBay.  Since that day, my desire to go online on eBay prompted me to buy my first internet package and made me connected to internet.

My readings for the Fifteen Principles of wealth by Napoleon Hill went slowly one principle per day.  Some principles are easy to adapt, some are not.  Having a 100% Faith is a difficult thing to achieve.  However, I build Faith by repeated self suggestions and persistence.  In my soul, Faith increase a little bit by bit. Factually, I have no result of achievement, my faith was very faint.  I was overwhelmed with fear due to lack of knowledge and money.

Then I got the idea to get help by visualization and auto suggestion.  Apart form a strong desire to go online, I have no knowledge and no idea. There is 0% of know how in my brain.   The fear produced by portion of lack of knowledge and money hold about 95% of my mind.  At this point, only sure thing to visualize is to gain some money.

At the start of my visualization I have to Manifest Money!

I always wonder; How to Manifest Money in Stressful Situations?

Manifesting money with the Law of Attraction requires a mental and emotional shift so that we are focusing more on abundance than on lack. This can be challenging enough in normal circumstances, but when I find myself at the start of a business plan of which I have very little experience and a lot of unknown factors, it seems virtually impossible.

How can I stay focused on abundance when disaster may be lurking around the corner? How can I set aside my feelings of anxiety and trust that everything will be okay?

OK, now start on first things first. Since it can take time to shift my mindset so that I begin attracting more money naturally, it’s a good idea to brainstorm some physical actions I might take to get more money flowing in the meantime. That includes taking on a second job, selling some of my possessions, or cutting costs wherever I can.

The next most important step is to work on releasing feelings of anxiety. When it comes to manifesting money, feelings of anxiety and fear can put the brakes on the whole process. I remembered that I cannot allow into my life anything that I am not willingly aligned with. When I feel fearful and anxious, I am more aligned with financial problems than I am with abundance. So I did my best to feel calmer and happier as it is vital.

Meditation is one good way. Just sitting for a few minutes a day, breathing deeply and letting go of resistant thoughts can do wonders in making me feel better. And as I started to feel better, I start to imagine and allow more money to flow in. It may not be large sums at first, but with continued practice the size and frequency should increase.

Another good way to feel calm and happy is to spend time doing things I love. Set aside time to read uplifting books, take slow walks in the park, or snuggle with my son to watch a comedy on television. As I laugh, smile and feel uplifted, I am shifting my focus away from my problems and allowing solutions to appear. Most often, they popped up when I least expect them.

Having a balanced and gradual expectation. No matter which activities I choose, I remembered that I would not transform my focus in one day. But I committed to work on it day by day, a little bit at a time. The results I got from these small efforts would quickly multiply into bigger life changes that seem to happen naturally and easily.

I repeated my days with imagination of manifested money and visualization of myself in this online business successfully.