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How do you see a witch?

I see a lonely old man or woman … or just a plain old mean person she looked desolate dusty window … lookng out and saw the people have their hatred ….. I see an old house with dark wood and Creeking musty smell. I see old furniture and dark wood. I see an altar … with deities and articles and such … and I see a huge crystal ball in a dark room lit by candlelight … I see the witch moved her hands over they sing and … I see them in front of a huge poster of the astrological signs … I see magic items and amulets Voodoo … I see magic, mystery, and above all …. Occult (Well-hidden secret). :) I had a dream … this as the last witch night.seeing … I'm a little freaked out by it … what do you see as a witch? Do not be cheesy people … play with him … be imaginative! MSB win: you! Well actually do for you.

I see a woman freely through the world-view. I see a man who can be wound to run with the deer and not by pain or hunger. I see an old woman, a wild glint in her eyes, that the understanding of an incomprehensible has the person who 'there' whispers. I see an old man who speaks of reverence adopted by his lover with the same love he's doing his god (s). It is the beauty and strength, power and compassion, joy and … when you say the word "witch".