magic amulets
Is that a spell or prayer, or are they the same?

If a priest lights a candle and the flame is dedicated to God to bless an amulet (Medal) while holding it to the flame, heats up, pray that God will use the amulet to protect the wearer, the medal in the flame before it in holy water, waterfall shower, is that prayer or is it a spell? Or are they just two different names for the same thing?

It was definitely magic. The likelihood is that a "seal" was put on the amulet. This would not necessarily have to be visible, as well as laid the cross are those on the front when they are baptized with holy water. It is common for that a blessing or prayer, and magic accompanies the use of Sigil. @ Bryan, your ignorance of the rules among the different actors in the magic and mysticism is not unusual. One of the prevailing differences for Christians is that the church tends to monopolize the use of and forbids them to their members. The moral code many nations is to be much higher than one is responsible for their actions and there is no concept of forgiveness. In fact, different beliefs, that what one does, it is three-fold or even 10-fold return.

What is Black Magic and Amulets (taweez)? Dr Zakir Naik