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Should I Monkey Madness (runescape)?

Ok, so here are my combat skills (I'm more close combat, although 63 I know I should not for the melee attack-Quest), 62 Strength, 60 Defence, 38 prayer, 37 magic, 34 ranged, 61 hit points, and 4 summoning. Should I use the Quest? (Note that the Jungle Demon is not my biggest concern, but always on the part of the jungle demon) I) carry granite body, rune platelegs, an amulet of glory (4, Explorer's Ring (for prayer), Obsidian Shield (Toktz market-XIL), Obsidian cape, gloves and boots, Dragon, dragon long sword or mace and Mithril arrows (200).

Get your range level up, and work on your defense. The higher you reach and defense level, the safer you should be in the fight against the demon Jungle. The higher your defense of the safe level you will journey to the jungle demon. If you take the Explorer ring, running to fill that with you, if you must, and run straight through the tunnel and not fight everything you counts. Bring to heal a lot of sharks or monkfish. Take one tablet so teleport teleport you can, if you health is low.

Runescape Magic Amulet(t)