lost amulets
What should you do if you died in runescape monkey madness quest in and lost all the stuff?

I did Monkey Madness on runescape and I died on the jungle Demon. Do I have the seal or the amulet back and get greegree only. And it is true, if I stay on the side of the arena, where the demon is and make the Dwarves kill him I can win.

to some Simple: Go online guide, as RuneHQ or RS wiki (no thats not it) the same boxes looking for: m'amulet Schimmel, monkey dentures to Monkey Boy. Talk to him twice and he is the talisman GIV u again. kill some monkeys, apes need bones, or use melee prayer and u Monkey guards in the temple. now a gold bar and a ball of wool mamulet, mold, take monkey dentures, talisman, monkey bones (many times more) and go to zooknock. Remember to look at the lead, I just cannot be ur zooknock with these things on, so wile ur on him to speak for another Sigil waymottin 10th Squad invite him to a another talisman, and he is to make that. Give him your monkey dentures, mold and ingots, and he will turn it into magic bar. Now go into the temple, go to the dungeon, while wearin ur talisman and then quickly use the enchanted bar on the magic flame. String and that is the monkey speak amulet. Now u shud hav everythin back so get ready and fite. Some recomendations: no matter what to omit him meleein, but protect melee is ok, tho his mage is still pretty bad dmge on and I recommend Magin and Rangin him from the bridge to the south, and use protect mage. denies that any damage, and only a little patience to kill him pray bring some pots

Liong The Lost Amulets