For about 4 weeks since I was struck with the idea to going online business by eBay, I was not having any discrete plan and experience to sell on eBay.  I did look around for possible products and shipping price and information etc, but my gut to start selling on eBay was stricken by my feelings of unready ness.  However, I prayed every day for my ultimate dream and to go together with Napoleon Hill’s principles.

Unexpectedly one day, I was approached by Eric.  Eric is an American learning Gemology in the same class as me.  He is also starting an eBay store together with a friend.  Since they are already in business, I did not have any chance to becoming a partner with them.  On that day, Eric asked me could I make Pearl necklaces for them.  At first I was sad, making Pearl necklaces are time consuming and low paid job, nothing connected to on-line business that I was dreaming for.

However, I accepted his offer because I want to be more acquainted with them.  I told myself “I need friends who have experience.”  Then I thread the pearls for a small fee.  In three days time, I could finish 25 Pearl Necklaces. I went to his place and deliver my finished Pearl necklaces.   There I first saw the Photography and lighting set they use to take the pictures of the products to be listed on eBay.

Eric asked me could I take pictures for them or not.  I said, I like to take pictures but I have very few experience.  They offered me an introduction on how to use the camera and I took about 20 pictures.

Then I was shown about some simple steps on Photoshop to edit the pictures, and convert them to get the eBay standard pictures.  After that they offered me to take pictures for them for a small fee.  I accept it because I could use this chance to learn about the business that I am dreaming for.

When I went home I dropped by the book store to buy a book on Photoshop techniques. I read the book up to 1:30AM at that night and fell asleep very tired.  The next morning, I was struggling to wake up from bed, I told myself, today is the day I would make the difference, and I am firmly on my first step.

After the gemology class, I went to Eric’s place to take more pictures and edit on Photoshop.  I used the new method I found in the book that I bought yesterday.  The steps mentioned in the book are easier than what Eric had taught me yesterday and have better effect on pictures.  Eric was very happy with the results.  Even though the camera itself is quite old and loosely, I got many great pictures that day.

When I came back home, I acknowledge that there is two more jigsaws are in place now.  Now, I know products sold by other seller that I could source, make and sell on eBay and also having experience in taking pictures that are conforming to eBay’s standards.  I affirmed my self many times before going to bed; “I am firmly at the start of my journey and enjoy the experience I got today, I am very happy.”