Wealth Forming Attitudes and Behaviors

 Following are the guidelines to improve your attitudes and behaviors towards forming of wealth in your future:

  1. Accept Responsibility for the current conditions in your life. Stop blaming others for all your problems.  You attracted everything that happened in your life.  When you take responsibility for your life, you are able to change it for your own better.  Responsibility brings you freedom and empowerment.
  2. Make a decision that you will be wealthy.  Affirm that decision everyday by taking action in that direction.  Nothing changes until you make a decision to do something different.
  3. Focus on your dream and be positive. Change the way that you see yourself and the way that you feel about life.  Keep in mind that there are many ways for you to use the law of attraction for your benefit and also make your life everything that you would like it to be.
  4. When you are working diligently to achieve your dream every day and trust your intuition, you activate the law of attraction and begin to attract into your life people, ideas, circumstances and resources that help you to achieve them.
  5. Do what you love and money will follow.  You can’t become wealthy by doing something you hate.  You can only be truly successful in life if you are doing what you enjoy.
  6. Follow your own path and listen to your feelings and hunches.  Lucky people trust their hunches and they understand that intuition is extremely helpful.  In contrast, unlucky people often ignore their intuition and regret their decisions.
  7. Love yourself.  Remember that it is only in loving oneself that we can truly love others. By loving ourselves and loving others, we open up ourselves to infinite blessings from the universe.  The power of love can and will change your life and the life of everyone it touches.
  8. Stop being envious of other’s success.  The feelings of envy affect the way you feel about yourself.  It will only block Abundance from coming into your life.  The next time you find yourself envious of wealthy people, erase that dangerous emotion off at the root.
  9. Develop an attitude of sincere gratitude for all that you are grateful.  Gratitude is a powerful emotion that attract to yourself the Abundance, Joy and Happiness.
  10. Make a decision to become excellent in your field.  Specialized knowledge and skill give you the power.  You need to organize and use knowledge after you acquire it.  Knowledge will not attract money, unless it is organized, and intelligently directed.
  11. Money makes Money.  Control money or money will control you.  By starting a systematic savings plan, you will build a new financial life and reach a true state of financial wellness.
  12. Expand your network.  Your contacts are your power.  Knowing the right people and being known by them, will open doors for you that will save you years of hard work.
  13. Be creative.  Keep in mind, one new idea is all you need to start a fortune.  To find success, you have to be creative.
  14. The fastest way to become successful and wealthy is to learn from the persons that already succeed.  Then apply their strategies to your own life and watch your income soar to incredible new heights.
  15. Develop several revenue streams.  Wealthy people have multiple income streams, when one income is lost, still can be relied on other streams. Ordinary people rely on only source of income, if they lose that single income source, they are left broke and desperate.
  16. Winners never quit and quitters never win.  Most of us lead our lives with a fear of failure.  But failure does not exist! When it comes to achieving a goal, failure is nothing but a perception.  The moment you decided to stop working to achieve your goals, failure is born.
  17. Learn to Give Freely and Accept Freely.  Wealth creation follows the same energy model of the universe which involves circular return.  If you give freely and generously from the heart, you are able to justify the prices that you charge for your services because you know that money is coming back out there.  Allow money to flow freely and you’ll begin to create an abundant lifestyle.
  18. Save at least 10% of your gross salary every month.
  19. Having a strong commitment.  There are many ways that you can become successful and wealthy, but you have to realize that commitment is part of it.  Without commitment, you will not be able to see yourself achieving any of your goals.