Defining our utmost Desire

 After you choose yourself to be positive and wealth oriented, the first step is to define our utmost Desire.  On the defined Desire, our thoughts, feelings, actions and behavior will be built.

 Most wealth philosophies told us that we have “Infinite Possibilities”. In other words, anything is possible if you put your mind to it.  You just need to open your mind and visualize and feel what you desire to have.  If you do that consistently and accordingly, it will come to you.

 The idea of infinite possibilities looked appealing when you are stuck in your limitations.  However having infinite possibilities is not helpful when you really want to start a specific and correct action.

 What is really helpful for you is to know the best possibility for you right now.  Not limitless possibilities, only the rightful and correct one. You can focus and take action on the most efficient one.

 To define your utmost desire, you must first look at your current abilities, strength and area of love first.  Define a desire in the area where you love most is a good beginning.

 Because having love in the specific area, you are generally positively motivated to dig more and spend more time for the area of love.  Love release the burden of labor and boredom out of the work you need to carried out on.

There is no result to get without any input of work.  Love reduced the feeling of burden on the work we have to put in to get our necessary result.

 Finally, you can set a desire which is most perfectly suits to your basic life and background behaviors (Love is one important behavior of yourself.)

 Now is the written down part of your definite desire.  100 years ago Napoleon Hill humbly requested you to write it down on a piece of paper.  Now is 21st century, you should use paper only if you would frame it and put it on your desk where you could see it every day.  The best way in this century is to write it in your computer and make it as wallpaper on your desktop, this is the only way you would have the chance to glance it about 4-5 times a day.