Despite all teachings ordinary people cannot made themselves “Believe successfully”.  That is the reason why most could not reach to the third step of Achievement. Some time after we conceive, we generally have to settle for less or just have to forget our definite burning desires. 

 There are different personalities between human kinds.  Some are creative in nature and having ability to create the things they have never seen before and able to believe in the things they have never felt before.  On the other hand there are some guys, so logic and practical and decided to stand firmly on the ground.  The latter rarely dream and do not expect much from dreams either.

 Peoples in profession related to lives, livestock or agriculture, there is a sense of life and growth as part of their mind.  Their conscious and unconscious mind accepts and expects the life, growth and return of the assets among them.  They have deeper sense of consciousness over cultivation of life and its growth.

 But the individuals whose trade or work is based on life less materials, such as engineers, craftsmen and technicians, things that they generally deal did not grow with time.  For instance, an engineer designs and fabricates tons of bricks, cement, iron and craftsmanship to build a house. Their conscious and unconscious mind generally dwells on fabrication of materials, they combine but those assets did not grow, these are fixed type of assets. They have very sound mind on calculations and budgeting on fixed type of assets. They are somewhat weak on principle of life and growth. They tend to have fixed expectations for themselves.

 When I learn the principle of wealth; “The small deed that you have done as a seed today, will return you as abundance in many ways.” “Give and you will get” I did not deny consciously but I have a shallower feeling for expectation of a return. I sincerely did not expect it. The sense of Growth and Return is did not root deep in my unconscious mind.

 We have four stages of learning for an effective change:

Unconscious incompetence:  We don’t know that we are not correct.

Conscious incompetence: We are aware that we are not correct yet.

Conscious competence: We consciously try to work out for the correctness.

Unconscious competence: What we have tried to correct our selves became deep in our habits and we are now correctly executing our actions without needing extra attention. This is the stage of final perfection.

 I realized that I was still at the stage of Conscious incompetence for accepting the principle of Growth and return.  I decided to try consciously to adapt myself to this principle till I could accept them unconsciously.

 How to introduce the principle of Growth from conscious acceptance to unconscious acceptance?

 If we want to introduce the principles of Growth and return, deep to our unconscious level of mind we have to spend our time, emotions and actions over those principles.  We cannot just visualize them. Visualization introduces those principles to our conscious level of mind but to reach to our unconscious level, we need real physical actions aided by strong emotions.

 What I did is to spend about 5 to 10 minutes every day in my small garden to water and enjoy all the small plants and trees.  Instead of just water them and rush out to do my other household chores, I checked and note all the trees and plants their growth, the way they flower, the way they fruit. I did that in a sense of happiness and enjoyment. I witnessed their growth over time.

 Also tried my best to visualize the water that I give them gradually absorbed and distributed all over their body and enabling their growth.  I tried my best to spread love over them, while I water. Seeing and realizing with happiness that my action of watering enable their overall growth and accelerate their power for return.

 Then I throw some rice seeds around my garden for some birds and insects their food.  I enjoy seeing them getting their food.  I sat in a quiet corner and enjoy the nature and life. I could imagine their delight over finding their food.

 Previously, when I give away something, I acknowledged over the happiness generated by the receiver.  Apart from this I rarely think or note any further.  Now upon each act of gift, I put the attention on my self to do it with deep senses of un attachment, love, kindness and generosity. I also visualize over the amount of happiness the receiver might have and gradually spilled and touch my mind the same kind of happiness over receiving something un expectedly.  This need a little more attention, emotion of loving kindness and a little more visualization but after trying about 2 to 3 times of act for gift, my emotions and visualization become automatic.

 Consciously having the emotions of love and happiness on observation of Growth and action of giving gradually introduce the principles of Growth and Return to my unconscious mind. The fixed-ness in my general expectations was replaced by senses of life and growth and its power for return. 

 Emotion of love, happiness and enjoyment increase my hope and expectation for growth and multiplication of life over time.  The more I enjoy live and growth, the easier it become for me to unconsciously allowing the possibilities of great returns in my future.