There’s no difference now between eBay’s holiday sales season and offline retailers’ – November and December are the hottest months of the year. Pump up your eBay holiday sales with these tips to make the holidays your hottest season.

1. Start your eBay sales campaign early.

Online holiday shoppers start early so you need to plan ahead and act quick, if you want to increase your eBay holiday sales. If you’re using 30 day listings and put your first listings up October 1st, that only gives you three cycles of listings to maximize your holiday sales.

2. Line up your suppliers.

Make sure you have reliable suppliers lined up in advance so you have the product you need to maximize your eBay holiday sales. You need to know where or not you’ll have a product in stock before you can promote it – and sell it. Be careful if you are using Drop shipping, most products form drop shippers depleted before the season start.  Have a good communication line with them and check the availability frequently.

3. Focus on “holiday-friendly” items.

Think “Gift, Gift, and Gift” – and if someone wouldn’t buy it as a gift, don’t list it. Suppose you sell beading supplies and jewelry made out of beads. To increase your eBay holiday sales, focus on the jewelry, not the supplies. The jewelry is a much more likely gift purchase.  Also offer free gift wrapping and shipping to alternative address than the buyer’s legal one on eBay.

4. Stock up on hot/in demand items.

What’s hot in the world at large is what’s hot on eBay, too. One way to increase your eBay holiday sales is to add popular items to your product listings.

Find out what’s hot on eBay itself by using the tools eBay offers. On What’s Hot under Sales tab, you can view Hot Items by Category or use eBay Pulse to check out current trends and hot picks. If you can be ahead of the crowd, with some of these hot items, you’ll increase your eBay holiday sales dramatically.

4. Use more Buy It Now listings and sell in mass.

The holiday season is prime time for impulse buys – and impatience. Using more eBay Buy It Now listings rather than auction-style listings will give your products an edge with those impatient, impulsive online shoppers who don’t want to wait for your auction to end and increase your holiday sales.

You can compare the cost effectiveness and time that use between Auction and Buy it Now.  For $0.35 of insertion fee you can list only one item as Auction and it takes 7 days to make a sale.  If you list Buy it Now for 20 items in 30 days, the eBay listing insertion fees remains the same, but you are selling in mass for this three holiday months.

5. Consider offering free shipping on Buy It Now items.

Offering free shipping gives online shoppers even more inducement to buy your product. Who doesn’t like a free bonus? Coupling free shipping with Buy It Now listings is an especially powerful way to increase your holiday sales.

6. Speed up the payment process by using Paypal.

Even if you don’t sell regularly on eBay, you should accept payment though PayPal as one of your payment options throughout the holiday season if you want to increase your eBay sales. When online shoppers pay through PayPal, the transaction is instantaneous – and when you speed up payment, you speed up shipping. Owning a Premiere Account on Paypal is free and your fees are deducted from your transactions.  There is no annual fee and you can withdraw your seller’s income to your bank account.

7. Explain your shipping policies clearly in your listings.

Online shoppers don’t just want to buy gifts; they want to know when those gifts are going to arrive. When you make sure that your shipping policies are clearly explained in your listings, you make it easier for them to decide to buy your product. Otherwise, they have to take the time to email you and ask – or just buy someone else’s product.

8. Watch your dates and inform your Buyers if they can’t reach them in time.

Be aware that regular mail slows down during the holiday season. To increase your eBay sales over the holiday season, choose shipping methods that guarantee service within a certain number of days even if they cost a little more. The important thing is helping your customers hit their holiday deadlines by keeping your shipping promises. Also make sure that you inform last-minute shoppers if what they’re buying won’t arrive in time and of any additional shipping charges.

10. Update your default template to give your eBay pages a holiday theme.

When it comes to increasing holiday sales, every little bit helps. While making sure your pages have a holiday theme won’t make any eBay sales in itself, it will help put online shoppers in a holiday buying mood.