When most of us started to learn the philosophy of creating wealth, all taught us the basic three step;

You must have a definite burning Desire, You must have the strong belief, and then you will achieve.  All requested us to visualize our desire as main technique of getting.

 Most believingly started visualization, easily without much thought. All of us were emotionally elated at the first week. It passed without any problem, but starting from the second week and in the third to follow, our beliefs gradually welt and our desires were dropped. About six months later, everything is well forgotten.

 We expected for the big changes in us but our habits that we started since our child hood holding us back.  Our logics and expectations judge them the other way.  The results are so hard to fathom.  Despite our strong belief in the philosophy for wealth hardly anyone knows exactly what to do and how to do it to make it work on ourselves.

 When I started to learn the philosophy of creation of wealth, as per the instruction in the book, I have a definite dream it is a great one.  At the same time, I have decided myself to learn this subject seriously and continuously till I get the results.

 Three months later, what I found out is why I am constantly trying myself on this principle is just because of my decision to try till I get it right.  It was not because I could believe successfully or I could not forget my great desire. By this time I was already too bored, tired, and ready to drop my first great burning desire that is written on the paper.

 What I found out is; the principles that get me really going on are, persistence, decision, dedication, discipline, attention, logic, judgment, knowledge, courage and love.  I do not understand why those principles are not mentioned clearly in create wealth books.

 For instance, we knew how to visualize since we were children.  We played many impersonating games. We played doctor, nurses, police, thieves etc.  We enjoy it since we were young. In fact the most serious problem when we enter our teen was we dreamed too much.  Our day dreaming habit is actually disturbing to a level where it irate our parents and teachers.  None have ever praised this habit.  Our religious teachings do not offer any good point on this behavior either.  Everyone banish it and all wanted us to have our attention and senses tied to this moment of time and our feet to be firmly on the ground. 

 I personally cannot count how much time I felt regret over not getting what the teacher taught or what my mother said because I was dreaming something else. Dreaming our life away is something that we were forbidden from.

 But when we start to learn the principle of wealth, visualization is mentioned as an important medium to get our results, all wealth Gurus encourage us to visualize till we could fees as if it is actually happening now. It made a contradiction in our mind.  Who is right? Our parents, teachers or the wealth Gurus.  Why there are two schools?

 When I start to visualize for wealth, I could not see much difference between, visualization and day dreaming.  Only difference is I was required to dream it repeatedly again and again the same thing.  About two weeks later I started to have doubt. Why my parents, teachers and spiritual leaders did not praise dreaming?  They all pushed us for work not to dream.  I could not say they are not wealthy or not successful. I was in the middle of contradiction. How to make it acceptable to my old values and honest expectations that is formed in many years by my parents and teachers?

 Then what I realized is I need to add the principles that my parents and teachers praise to the process of visualization.  I need to add, dedication, discipline, attention, seriousness, persistence and love to this process.  I decided to practice visualization differently from how I normally dream my self away. I have to change it to a type of serious mental work, not to play. Then I must find WORK.

 I set aside a quiet and private time to practice visualization. I fix the duration to practice it.  I did not carried out in the middle of other activities or let it run carelessly floating in the state of random and timelessness.  I keep full attention in the process of visualization; it is more to the side of meditation and keeping all my attention constantly on the same object.  When I visualize, I set attention to have emotions of love to influence my mind.  Love embedded the visualization deeply in our conscious and unconscious minds. I give the priority on visualization as a serious, persistent and systematic mental work which is carried out under full attention of my mind.

 The second process I did after completion of my visualization is to find and carry out the related work to be done now and today in the direction of my dream.  Actually having daily work done and get achieved is more important for me than the visualization.  I checked my self; did I read or find any additional knowledge to carry out my plan? When I talk and communicate with others, amassing wealth is part of the leading thoughts or not?  Did I work for my daily earning?  Did I make efforts for saving?  Did I make the act of giving under the emotional influence of love, growth and generosity?

 In the evenings when I affirm myself, I could memorize and list my entire daily activates with work output as proof of my efforts and achievements for today.  Having valid proofs assure my self more than the practice of visualization. Proofs increase confidence in myself and greatly raise my level of expectation.  My belief grows as my expectations get lifted daily.

 Since I changed myself to practice visualization systematically and combined with my daily work, my doubts became less.  I changed my self from dreaming my life away to the systematic process of mental concentration to produce a desired output.  Gradually, my expectation changed.  I started to have firm belief in the act of systematic visualization combined with my daily actions.

 The visualization lead the way of change in us to the direction we desire for.  But the actual workers that carried out the real change are our mental verbal and physical actions that is done under decision, discipline and dedication.  Attention anchored us to utilize the current moment of time efficiently. Bottom line is change could not happen without work or action.

 Now the philosophies of two school combined in my mind.  The philosophy of creation of wealth is like an architect or mother nature, it define our future and sow the seed of intangible wealth in us.  Our daily work and actions grow the actual tree that physically appears and provide us the tangible wealth. We have to cultivate, and grow this tree of wealth with love, care and daily actions.