I remembered my first Amulet. On my 19th Birthday, while studying at the Engineering University, my Grandmother gave me an Amulet bearing the Goddess Lakshmi.   My family knew that she was so irate with my tom-boy characters and great ambition to become an Engineer.  They were amused when she said to me that “Mother Lakshmi governs over 8 forms of wealth and she is the most graceful goddess in this universe.  May her grace of wealth make you a great engineer and a feminine one also.”

Goddess Lakshmi Amulet

Goddess Lakshmi Amulet

I said to myself, I have nothing to do with her grace portion but I need her for wealth.  The problem is around that period, despite being tom-boyish, I was having so many admirers and suitors.  My popularity annoyed my sisters.  Seeing their jealousy over me, my father got amused and teased me in front of them “It must be your Lakshmi.”  I told back that in my Engineering University, girls make only 10% of total students.   All male students are quite aware and afraid of this unkind ratio and are ready to follow any girl.  You only have to be a woman, you have many suitors.  I brushed it off that my situation is due to male anxiety in the all male Engineering University than the grace of Lakshmi.

Of course,  I need her for guidance of wealth.  I normally pray her before doing any important job assignments and when I need to write catching articles for my web.  Most of the time, I almost forgot her.  Amulets do not have any effect over me and I do not believe in any magic in them either.

My belief was changed one day about ten years ago.  I went to the meditation center in my home country, Myanmar.  There, I met this well learnt monk.  He taught us the practice of meditation.  He also distributes some amulets for his followers.

One of his most important advices is to personally bless the Amulet again before wearing and assign the Amulet as your personal coach and have ALL your daily mental and physical activities done under this coach.

I asked him “Why ALL my daily activities?  Most of my daily activities are nothing to do with the property of the Amulet.” He asked me back “Do you ever have an Amulet and how you use it?” I told him that I have my Grandmother’s Lakshmi Amulet and only when I need to write catching Articles, I pray for her guidance. It works sometimes and it did not help sometimes.

Guan Yin Chinese Love Amulet

Guan Yin Chinese Love Amulet

He said “Oh, you choose some kind of job only to gain wealth? Then you are Miss Choosey.  The way you had been using your Amulet is like somebody command you to collect water and you decided to collect only the clean and fresh rain water. You limit yourself to collect water only when the rains come.  If it does not come you get nothing. Actually collecting water means you must collect ALL form of water; rain water, drain water, stream water, waste water, red water, green water etc.  Actually, to be perfect, anything that is H2O you must collect it. That is the way how you amass wealth, every action of you must lead to wealth gain. You have to see the real rich people, their wealth increase all times when they are sleeping, eating, doing anything, not just only when they work something to earn money.”

He also asked me, “Can you explain the 8 forms of wealth that Lakshmi governs?” I said, “No, I knew there is 8 but I do not know each in detail.”  He laughed, “Then how could Lakshmi’s 8 graces of wealth guide you at all?  That is why you have to personally bless your Amulet by yourself to know and memorizes  its properties.”

He explained about his method over having to set the Amulet to govern over ALL daily activities.  He said, according to Eastern believes, we can only command our conscious mind.  But our subconscious mind exists between the gaps of our conscious mind.  He gave me the example of our breathing.  We can command our breathing under some level of concentration, however once we start to change our attention to more important, jobs, and our subconscious mind take over the control of breathing. So by consciously assigning the Amulet to all daily activities done under conscious mind, we are also un consciously tuning our subconscious mind which fills the gaps between the conscious minds.  This is the way both our conscious and subconscious minds are being train under the influence of the Amulet.

I told him about the western method of self hypnosis.  He said, hypnosis methods are carried out only at the end of the day when you are about to sleep or only when your body is kept so relaxed that your conscious mind is about to recede and subconscious mind awakes. The time that takes for personal affirmations at those periods is too short in compare to tuning yourself the whole day for ALL daily activities.

He points that the Eastern method believes that the subconscious mind exists all times between the gaps of our conscious mind and not only when at the night time when our conscious mind is about to passed out.  Thus assigning the Amulet to guide ALL activities of our day is more effective to tune both our conscious and subconscious mind.

He said if you believe in western hypnosis methods, before you fall asleep, you can also hypnotize yourself by suggesting the positive characters of the Amulet to fill up in you. It is also part of ALL your daily activities.  You can also use Auto suggestion method to make positive affirmations under the guidance of the Amulet too.

Then I finally realized the essence of his method. I cannot choose the job that is to be guided by Lakshmi, I have to immerse all my daily activities under her grace.  I note down her 8 graces of wealth one by one and remembered them.  I used her 8 graces for daily affirmations, I used them to hypnoses my self before I fell asleep. Her 8 graces are guiding ALL my daily actions now.

1 Adi Laksmi [The First manifestation of Lakshmi]

2 Dhanya Laksmi [Granary wealth]

3 Dhairya Laksmi [Wealth of courage]

4 Gaja Laksmi [Elephants, symbols of wealth]

5 Santana Laksmi [Wealth of continuity, progeny]

6 Vijaya Laksmi [Wealth of victory]

7 Vidya Laksmi [Wealth of knowledge and education]

8 Dhana Laksmi [Monetary wealth]

The first days of training myself under the grace of the Lakshmi is quite awkward and funny. When I wake up, I have to get up under her grace, brush my teeth and take a bath, prepare breakfast etc all actions done under her grace.  Those actions are the ones I previously though they have no relation to gaining wealth, but now after leaning the monk’s water collection theory, I did all now under her grace.

Ganesh in Diamonds Wealth Amulet

Ganesh in Diamonds Wealth Amulet

By doing so this way first thing I recognized is most of my actions which is done under my conscious mind become more neat and perfect than ever.  The second thing I notice is the existence of momentum of her great influence, it grows day by day.  Her influence gained over me more and more everyday.  When I tried to write articles, I do not need special attention to call her help, the whole day of activities under her guidance made me so confident that this action of writing articles be also under her great influence.  Now article writing is an easy glide now, words comes from my heart in great volume, all are interesting, catching and intriguing. Both my whole body and mind are thoroughly immersed in her 8 graces.

Now I started to catch wealth as I collect water, as taught by the monk, any water if that contains H2O will be collected.   Identically, all my daily actions are the root cause of amassing wealth under her great grace.  Her 8 graces of wealth are living and burning inside me now. Day by day in every way I am getting better and better, richer and richer.

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