holy amulet
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Many religions hold to the belief in eternal life. Some religions teach that people avoid hell, to eternal damnation by good works. Oriental homes have amulets on the walls of the representation of a guardian deity, or "guardian angel". Shamans perform exorcisms to rid houses and inhabitants from evil spirits. Amulets and ceremonies are meant to keep out evil spirits. Otherwise, the evil spirits of the soul to hell lead to death. Muslims believe that the good work of the completion of a mission to Mecca is rewarded with eternal life in heaven after earthly death. Buddhists worship the Buddha, to alleviate fear and complete Buddha's word. This encounter with their God is thought to be a way out of their evil Live and drive are avoided in hell. Christians believe that there is no way to pray to appease a holy God. Her faith in the redemptive death and life of Jesus Christ, who paid the debt of sin and by faith in him, followers are given eternal life in heaven.

Grammatically it is good, except for one few things. In the first set, I would change the word "the" talk to "A" because the life that they seem to have all eternity different Beliefs, instead of keeping all, just a belief. The other thing I would change is to change "at" to "by" in the sentence: "Christians believe that there is no way to appease BY worship a holy God." The phrase "and through faith in Him" does not seem follow with the rest of the sentence. You may have to adjust the semicolon and it would be after the word "sin" and then read the last part, "and by faith in him as are followers eternal life in heaven. "That seems to make much more sense to me.

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